Abusive relationship

When I was 15 I started dating this guy named Jeff, we we're really close before dating so it just seemed so right. At first our relationship was amazing and i loved every second of it. But sometime around a year of dating all his insecurities must've hit him because he changed. He would interrogate me and go through all my personal stuff. He used to make me send him pictures of where I am and who I'm with then would control everything I did. He never let me talk to anyone or go out. I had no friends our entire relationship. He started to bully me, he would remind me constantly that I'm fat and ugly, that no one likes me and no one else will love me but him. It really ** with my mind and he started getting abusive too, at first he would just throw me around then it slowly got worse, he held pillows over my face, knives up to me, the last time he ever abused me he actually knocked me out.. The cops we're called on him multiple times from others but he was never charged with anything. So he actually got away with all of these things, no justice. Which is my fault really.. I really for some reason thought he loved me despite all of the ** he did so I never pressed charges. I really wish I would've.. I don't want any of his future girlfriends going through what I went through /:

Jan 3, 2017

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  • He will, they only get worse

  • I'm glad to hear you finally got out of that relationship, he probably would have ended up killing you. I'm not sure where you live ,but most states now have laws where the victim of domestic violence doesn't have to press charges ,the state actually can on their behalf. They encourage the victim to testify but many cases go through with out them. If nothing else it gets the abuser away from them for at least a day so they can try to get help.

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