Teacher, teacher

My teacher no longer chastises me. I used to get in trouble for talking when I was in the 9th and 10th grade, but for the past two years, he's let me get away with everything. (Yes, that makes me a senior)

I had my phone out one day, trying to download a metronome beat, and he took my phone. Normally, he only gives them back at the end of the day, but he gave it back like 2 minutes later. He never says anything to me when I talk while he's talking to a certain section (band class), and he laughs at every corny joke I make. Kinda weird? Yep.

By the way, he's not an old creeper. He's in his 20's.

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  • Well props to you for being attractive. I'd kill to have my teacher think I'm cute. But as someone mentioned prior, you probably can't act on it ever or at less no until your fully graduated...which isn't far away.

  • Sounds like he's got a thing for you. Not so unusual really, you're probably a very charming and attractive young lady. Of course he can't do anything about it since you're his student so just enjoy the attention.

  • Lol this is the same one as the other teacher story. How do I know? Because it's mine. It wouldn't go up, so I just summed it up on the other.

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