I have bad breath

I have bad breath

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Stop tossing salad..
    Me too.
    stop eatting ass
    "Mrs. Tell it like it is: -- you're gay

  • "Mrs. Tell it like it is" -- you're gay

  • Halitosis!

  • Go to a damn dentist!

  • stop eatting ass

  • either go to a dentist or a doctor

  • yes u may have halitosis but that doesnt mean theres nothing u can do like the person before said research it.

  • Ignore all the kids and immaturity on here! If you can't be constructive then GO PLAY because you, whoever you are, sound as if you're still missing your immediate childhood!
    Back to order here now...Try going to the dentist to rule out any oral illness... also see your doctor. Sometimes an
    antibiotic is needed and it clears the problem up.

  • I heard drinking black tea helps with halitosis. Also, do some research, I'm sure that there are some products out there that help. And there's always Tic-Tacs. :)

  • have u tried washing ur mouth with listerine?

  • lol who doesnt? dude, its called a toothbrush!

  • can anybody help with some GOOD comments instead and tell me what I should do?

  • Um...cuz I can?

    ~Mrs. Tell It Like It Is~
    NOW what? lol

  • Me too.

  • What's the point of signing all your comments on an anonymous confessions site? Lol!

  • damn, no constructive comments? Damn
    ~Mrs. Tell It Like It Is ~

  • ooo boo boo mouth. I bet your breath smells like someone s*** in your mouth!

  • Just gargle after giving head then. No biggie.

  • Stop tossing salad..

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