*how much is enough?

I love my boyfriend because of the things he does for me... I stopped loving him a long time ago.. the only reason I stopped its because he has really bad tartar build up on his teeth. hes bottom teeth have changed color and his breath is horrible... we sleep together on the same bed and his drool stinks horrible. ive told him several times about his dental hygiene but he is so ignorant that he gets mad at me when I address him about it. his breath gives me nausea. I strongly believe that if he fixes his mouth ill love him again. I dont wana have s** with him because he likes to kiss,i dont wana kiss him it turns me off. then if I dont kiss him he complains that our s** was wack boring and mechanical. if this guy doesnt fix his teeth im going to leave him. im tired of being a supporting girlfriend and he cant even get his teeth fixed, I can deal with alot but this is too damn much.then he tells me that I dont love him for him I do but seriously how much am I suppose to take? im fed up. I might need some help

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  • plus, i left my bf when he got a stupid ugly haircut with a cheap pay while he just starting to b with me. The hair cut turned me off, loath me, dishonor me to have him next to me, as a fashionista. (he knew how to choose and go for a well-groom girl and critic girls' wear, but forgot to look himself in the mirror)...I just thought things would get better after got together. ooo, ic, he got lazier after he got what he chased for. this temporary pretentious attitude is f****** inferior and cheap. I rather be alone if he is the only guy on earth.

  • this is very simple theory. Turn the situation. What if u r the one have armpit odor, not brushing yr teeth, not washing yr feet after wearing socks for months... Does a guy want a girl like this...? your bf deserves a girl as lousy as he is. Don't let those chavanism bullshit impose on u. relationship is mutual. if the connection is not platonic, he has to respect a bit on physical side.
    and, we cant blame James Bond to have so many women.Not because of his appearance, but his self-care grooming, and hygine, even sexy scented aura...this is the man women desire irresistibly!

  • What p***** me off is people that I know have dental coverage through their work and don't take care of their rotten ass teeth. Oh, you got money for cigarettes and tattoos, but not for a $80 dental cleaning every 6 months. F*** off. I'm glad for the fact that people that lose their original teeth live generally 10 year less then those who don't.

  • You have every right to be mad. I'm sure he wants you to take care of yourself in certain ways too. But dental hygiene is important and odor and discoloration could signal other health issues that he's refusing to look at. Telling someone to seek help is love. There's a lot of reasons why he's not going to a doctor, he is most likely just scared. But if he's not willing to take care of himself, then take care of you and leave. He's really leaving you with no other options.

  • Leave him - if he loved you he would fix this or attempt to fix it. He's being disrespectful of your feelings. I don't blame you for wanting to leave him - bad breath is easily fixed if the person who has it wants to fix it. You deserve better.

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