Too much!

I bet you can’t beat my health issues. Had Gastroenteritis multiple times as a kid and my breath stank. We used to play communal Recorders at school and I was told by the teacher that I was the only kid who was not allowed to use any of the Recorders and had to have my own Recorder with my name on it because the mouthpieces were too smelly after I used them and made other kids sick. At 14 I had a lump removed from the roof of my mouth which left a hole and I’ve had to wear a plastic plate in my mouth ever since, at 27 I was diagnosed with arthritis and wear a neck brace full time and take loads of meds that make me feel rubbish, at 42 I started with prostate problems and after two procedures I now have a permanent catheter, I have bad breath worse than when I was a kid due to my plate and hate my neck brace and my catheter can be agony, and I hate how my meds make me feel and wish it could all be different!!

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