Wife’s fitness has gone

Just sold my wife’s bicycle on Gumtree. Sold for £150 not long After buying it new for £400. It’s a light bulb moment, that says to me that at 35 years of age she has given up on fitness. The reason for selling it is she claims she can’t ride it as she gets so winded, gasping for breath if she try’s to ride. She’s over weight, 5ft 2 and 250lbs and she smokes 30 - 40 cigarettes a day. I wanted to go for a walk up some local hills a few weeks ago aswell, and she wouldn’t as she would get too out of breath. Please note this is not a deal breaker in our relationship, she’s mega sexy, but just a realisation her fitness is gone.


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  • This is going to get worse if she doesn't turn around soon. Then she won't still be sexy. And she will have even less energy to undertake an even bigger task.

    Do her a solid, chew her out over this.

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