Am I and idiot

Well today my gf confessed to me that she's been cheating and that she is sorry.shetold me she's been f****** MY BROTHER for about 3 months.she told me that her buisness trips are just happy weekends with my brother.
Let me add that I proposed to her and then she told me.she still hasn't answered yet but I dont know what she's gonna say after that.she started saying how she couldn't stop because she just wanted a f*** like every night but I couldn't do that,who can do that?well I got mad so i stormed off the my brothers house then when he opened the door I punched him in the face and knocked him girlfriend or whatever was following me and she saw me punch him.if you were in that situation wouldn't you punch the guy who's been f****** your girlfriend and he didn't tell you earlier.after I picked my brother I went home then I was still mad as f*** so I took my bookshelf and smashed it against the floor for no aparent reason.i haven't picked it up yet so it's still there and then my girlfriend came by and she apologized to me like 1000 times and I forgave her but then she left.i don't know if I'm and idiot or not for forgiving not gonna forgive my brother cause iv never forgave him for anything he has done with my life growing up.he was a j*** to me and my mom wasn't any better.well tell me if I'm and idiot or not in the comments please

Oct 30, 2013

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  • No u are not what about if ur brother fills ur girl wit s**** shel p*** it out and then u can fil her shes a w**** but0who cares

  • Yup, you are an idiot. She has severe issues. If she just wanted to f***, she could have found another guy besides your brother. Dump her and move on. She won't respect you again, she will beg for your forgiveness and then hate you for being a p**** and cheat on you again.

    Its great that you knocked your brother out. I hope that is true. If it is, just never talk to him again. F****** a******.

    Keep you mother out of this. She may have been a bad mom when you were growing up, but she did not f*** your girl friend. Tell her that your brother did and that you won't speak to him again. Tell her that after you dump your tramp.

  • You're not an idiot, they're the idiots and Karma will get them where it hurts! Trust me on that one! Go find yourself a girl that deserves your love and attention; leave this one alone! Good luck bud, you'll find someone else.

  • Your not an idiot. You have every right to be mad. But just remember, she is just as much to blame as your brother.

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