I want to cuckold my husband!

I love showing off my body. I love when men stare at me with that lusty look in their eyes. I love knowing that they want to f*** me. I love that they get hard for me. It makes me so hot! I love letting them catch a glimpse under my skirt or down my top, especially when my husband is there! I know that's terrible, but I can't help it. It turns me on so much to know a man is eye-f****** me in front of my husband.

I love that I'm almost 40 and men still look at me with that wolfish, hungry "I want to f*** the s*** out of you" look. The kind of men who look like they don't ask you to, they tell you to. The ones who make my breath catch and my knees weak. The opposite of my husband! I want a man like that to f*** me while my husband watches, and make me scream like I haven't in years.

I love my husband. He's the sweetest, kindest man I've ever known. He's a wonderful husband and father! But I need to be f***** like an animal once in a while, and he doesn't do that for me. I would never cheat on him but my god I would love to be ravished by a big, scary biker right in front of him!

He would never agree to something like that, but a girl's gotta have her fantasies. :(



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  • My wife made me a willing cuckold by making me associate submission with pleasure always revolving around s**. She started out easily enough just doing little things such as squeezing my b**** and teasing me. It evolved to talking about s** with others while she made me c** and then she started a process that ended with her vibrator in me while she took me off. After having talked about her with other men while i was in the throes of pleasure it came a day when she said lets try. We went to a local motel bar and she picked up a guy and went to his room. The next one i got to watch and eventually did all the things you can imagine

  • I would be up for it if I was him


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  • I'll f*** you like the b**** you are

  • Been married 20 years the first time my wife cucked me. Meet this guy at a bar my wife told me "he is going to take to a hotel & f*** her". My wife told" Your Lucky You Get to Watch Him C** All Over Me". That is what happen followed him to a hotel he got keys to a room & point a direction. She looked at me kissed me & hand me her soaking wet panties. We went to the door he opened it she grabbed him & kissed him. She jumped on the bed & pulled at her dress to get it off. before the room door was even closed.

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  • I wish my wife wanted what you want - I'd be 100% on board :)

  • You're just in a frustrating situation. Unless you cheat you'll never get what you want. Sorry. I give my wife a permanent hall pass and she uses it. Husbands should realize that their wives need new c*** occassionally and at least offer them the opportunity. It keeps them happy and h**** which is a big benefit to the husband.

  • That's an... interesting opinion. Too bad it's wrong. In my marriage, it's me who's looking for new meat and my husband giving the thumbs-up to my doing it. Kind of flies in the face of your "men be kings" macho bullshit. But that's how you 14 year old boys roll, isn't it? Trying to sound all experienced and bad and crap like that.

  • Spoken just like a man , pretending to be a women .

  • Married 35 years my wife has a boyfriend yes he gives her what she needs they have played for 7 years now all 3 of us have taken camping trips a couple cruises and me and her boyfriend enjoy just being friends out side of the life style at times they will take a trip over the weekend and there is nights after work she will ask me to take her over to boyfriends she just needs a good f*** i do enjoy the after care when we get home yes i have to lick her clean and after we have s** i must hand wash her thongs by hand some people wont understand but seeing my wife get her naughty side fulfilled knowing i cant give her what i used to i always told my wife i see couples enjoys s** then the day they get married one of them no longer wants s** well just because one stopped or cant have s** why should the other go with out i still get a rush when my wife tells me her boyfriend is coming to take her on a date and i must slid her thong up her legs and into place and then she pulls her skirt down and tells me to be a good boy and she will bring me a nice gift

  • I envy you... just reading your story makes my c*** throb and leak... I want my wife to give me a c** filled p**** to lick and f*** too.

  • I'd love to have a woman like you. Someone who takes her pleasure as she wants but still wants to be with me as her partner. You'd have my blessing

  • A willing cuck. You’re such a b**** that you’ll never get a woman. F*** off you little b****.

  • Eat a d***, incel. I 100% belong to my husband, heart and soul. Just not p****.

  • My girlfriend cheated on me.......So I f***** her best friend then started dating her. DAMN it felt good to get even and the ex was she p*****. ALL is fair in love and war. Bye ya'll MD.

  • If I were married to you, I would embrace your desire. A women deserves more than 1 man can give her.

  • Maybe if you’re a f****** p**** like you. I got more d*** than my wife can handle and even if I didn’t she wouldn’t dare cheat on me because I’d throw her ass on the street and beat the living s*** out of whoever touches her. That’s why I f*** ladies and you comment about how you would love for a women to have authority over you. Beta male p****.

  • I had a girlfriend years ago and we dated for a long time. We had s** in front of another couple who were also having s** at the same time. She and I talked about it a bit and I asked her if she'd like to date around. She seemed interested and got kind of turned on by the conversation.

    She started going out with her friends and met other guys that she danced with, went out to eat with, and eventually had s** with. This was while we were still together, but not married. She really got off telling me all about her dates with the other guys, and I have to confess - listening to her tell me what she did with them made me rock hard. I didn't understand it - and don't understand it to this day, but it was a huge turn-on. She even tried to arrange it so I could watch through a window at one guy's place, - unknown to him - but he pulled the curtains shut. It made her hot to know how hot I got knowing what she was doing. Our s** together was flaming ! She'd tell me in great detail all the things she was doing on her dates just to get me rock hard and then it was game on !

    Thinking back to those days still gets me cranked up.

  • I thought I had written that article. An old gf did the same thing.

  • Like a good thing I think 0

  • My qife ans I swing, cuckold, and have somewhat of an open marriage. We have lots of fun with it. And yes sometimes my wife goes out an get her brains f***** out!! Most recently it was by a coworker whos also in a band. She went to see him "play" wearing short shorts, low top and no panties. After the gig they sat around had some drinks. They endes up in the parking lot where she sucked his d*** while sitting on his tailgate. He then proceeded to take her into his back seat where he f***** her for about two hours in every position imaginable. He even took her back outside and f***** her behind the truck! No condom but he's very safe. She came home f***** hard, full of c** and ready to f*** more!! It was spectacular!!! Keep the lines of communication open with your husband, role play, watch p*** and who knows maybe one day you might get you wish!!!

  • I am a man and find his "fetish" fascinating, and I am curious about the part where you want to do it in front of your husband. Is this to humiliate him or to have him involved? Thanks

  • I love my husband very much! We have kids and a great relationship! I love to give him b******* and other men ! I just get weak and next thing I know I’m giving head in the parking lot with a guy I met at the bar or a guy at the store! I don’t do it all the time maybe 3 or 4 times a year! I had a sexy carpenter at my house and couldn’t control myself! I went down to check out my bathroom he was remodeling! We flirted and he said I should stand in the new shower to make sure it didn’t leak! So I undid my blouse and he loved my t***! I teased him a bit and the next thing I knew I was on my knees sucking his c***! He was so ruff and talked dirty to me! I loved it ! He told me he was going to c** all over my face and remember that moment every time he saw me! I sucked it even harder and faster! He let go and my face was covered ! I mean the semin was dripping! He really covered my face big time ! I just stared at him so he could take it all in! Every time I see him he drags me in his office or car to suck his c*** dry! He makes me swallow it know! He also doesn’t like a mess! He wants me to suck it all clean which I do eagerly! I will suck it until I get the last of his sperm from his b**** so it doesn’t leak out! He calls me squeaky for squeaky clean! I laugh. He calls me squeaky in front of my husband and friends ! We laugh historically because no one knows it means I suck his c*** squeaky clean! Everyone has or does there thing , and I am just my husbands litte b****** s***! I love it

  • I love your history ... I would like to be a lowkey cuckold one day and find my squeaky clean girl. I can send you money if you want and let you f*** w your lover.

  • God bless you lady. Number one, I've give anyting if my ex have felt that way I would love to Ben situation that you would like your husband-to-be. That was my biggest fantasy wish we lived out a few times but she felt like she had to do it and that's why it wasn't upper right so it ended she didn't have to do it I wanted her to want to do it but it never was that way.
    Number two; reading the way you described your fantasy has given me a strong desire to want to be on the other end of the stick and that's a very rare thing for me in other words I wish your husband would let you do that because I would love to feel your fantasy for you I would make you scream and blow your mind Beyond Your Wildest Dreams pleasure as long as I could lick the c** out of your p**** after your husband talk to you that's all I would ask in return

  • I am 44 and mother of two girls. I have for years been havng lovers, mostly black lovely men, and I have f'''''' them n front of my husband. He is in agreement and I have twice become pregnant by my best lover. HE is the father of my two daughters. I hae so much enjoyed being f'''ed hard and deeply by him, mostly in my married bed. MY husband is very small in the s** department and cannot give me full stirsfaction, but I love him and I am devoted to him and thankful for him letting me live out my need.

  • So full of s***.

  • Another story I find absolutely awesome more power to you Linda and I'm congratulations to your husband and kudos to your husband as well for being a big enough man to be able to let you enjoy and have your fantasy become reality that's a real man right there when they can do that and still love his wife. And just to make it clear I admire you as much if not more than your husband because you have the wear fraud stuff quote and live out your fantasies that are just dream about him being afraid to act them out because of our society's b*******ideas of what's right and wrong there's no such thing what's right is what you want what's wrong is something that hurts others and your case sounds like you both are enjoying it and in my book that's right not wrong

  • WOW who pays for those two b****** children? Your husband or the father of those illegitimate love buffers. I bet PTA meetings are awesome. "Hi teacher!" "Yes, This is my mom, my dad, and my mom's black c*** comforter. Um...no he doesn't pay for me, my other dad does."

  • Good girl. U know what you need. Does husband get any fun or is his c*** locked up

  • W****

  • Your a w**** your husband should p*** you out.

  • My wife of a dozen years confided in me that she had a stranger/rape fantasy. She was a bit tipsy which is why she confessed, I had no clue although I knew she did sometimes give guys a peek at her t*** now and then, by "accident."
    So, one night I put her on the bed, blindfolded, hands tied, told her to listen, say nothing no matter what she heard, and to not resist no matter what. She had an idea of what was coming, she was so excited she was shaking.
    My bud Jake came over right on time, and he pinned her down and took her, she seemed to be really scared but man did she get off! Jake then sneaked out, leaving just me and the wife there.
    Later, I told her it wasn't me, she didn't believe me.
    Not sure if I want to do anything like that again and she hasn't brought it up yet.

  • I did the same thing to an old gf but it was with 3 different guys.

  • Would you like to doing black c***

  • I love black c***.

  • Shes a w**** she likes any c***

  • I have a close friend that is into swinging and he is sometimes the guy who has s** with wives. I was shocked when he confided in me at just how many married couples did the cuckolding thing ! It is much more common than I would have ever guessed !! Women LOVE it !!

  • Yes very common these days 78 82 still want s**

  • This lifestyle isn’t for everyone but never rule it out when your s** life needs a boost. I am a very type A guy and former military who brought my skills into my civilian life. ( I cannot be dominate in bed since I am so damn dominate out of bed)The way we go into cuck life style was although I am very athletic my p**** is less than 5 inches so wehave always role played about her and a bigger c***. My wife and I have been married for 15 years. We have a truth or lie game which we love. I wear panties along with her and we sit on couch and ask questions. Wife asked me if I wanted to watch a big c*** in her for real..i got a huge wet spot and we played for a while longer both of us agreed to look for a potential partner for s** only
    We prefer military base since guys are tested and discrete. I have a security clearance so I feel safer. It took 2 months. It was very hot. We let it last for a full night with a few breaks t and I did the usual cuck submissive stuff. We repeated this 5 times and took 2 years off. We just finished a similar scenario after 4 times we agreed to take a year off! Remember your marriage comes first. S** is what it is; a huge release of endorphins and maximum stress relief. Remember saying disease free and being disease free aren’t the same. Keep s** fun during breaks from cuckolding. My wife and I make love as 2 girls using a large vibe for the c*** during our beaks!

  • I like the way you guys got it set up. Why the heck would any man let his wife get close enough to any man to lose her?

  • First thing you need to start doing is something while you and your husband are having s**. Let him try to f*** you, but make sure he can sense that you need more. Don't moan - push back on him like you want his c*** to go deeper. Also, do you watch p*** together? If not, you need to start! Find AMATEUR p*** videos- NOT P*** STARS - where it shows the woman getting f***** really good with a huge c***. Another thing to add to your foreplay with your husband is naughty talking - kinds like role play. Talk and describe s** while sucking c*** or rubbing each other. Even talk about a previous partner from your past that f***** the h*** out of you - but also keep playing with him - keep strocking his c*** and sucking his c***. He will keep his c*** hard and start picturing YOU getting f***** hard -

    Another thing you can do is have him watch you m********* with a d**** that is bigger than his c***. You will make sounds he doesn't hear from you when he's f****** you. Let him see and hear how pleasurable that is for you. while he is watching you - keep him involved by telling him to stroke his c*** or sit next to you - let him reach down and feel how soaked your p**** is.

    When you two go out together, start dressing a little sexier. Let him start t o see how men look at you - looking at your t*** and ass in a sheer shirt, tight jeans, or something a tad risque - show that cleavage and allow him to see you feel sexier when that happens - smile alot - flirt some when talking to other men even at the grocery store or with the mechanic, the cable guy - whoever in your normal day.

    I would love to hear how this works out for you. This can really be a win win for you!! Please email me and let me know how things progress! earlynow@gmail.com
    - Sabrina :o)

  • Let him catch you masturbating. He will know you are fantasizing about another man. Rent a p*** where the husband watches his wife. Tell him that your coworker confessed to you about his hotwife fantasy.

  • You may be able to turn him but it means dominating him and changing how you see him. If you can start doing him up the bum and bringing him off while you do it. squeeze his b**** at the same time. Once he gets used to it and likes it start talking about s** with others while you do it maybe him and another woman at first. Eventually you will see him as submissive to you and treat him so and maybe make him a willing cuck. I was turned ever so slowly and effectively and totally.

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  • I wonder why the divorce rate is so high

  • All my girlfriends and first wife f***** other guys behind my back, but eventually flaunted it. I thought it was cool they were so sexual. It turned me on. Guys pursued each of them. I acted big, all the guys wanted what I had. Funny thing is all of them eventually left me for guys with huge c****. We all still live in the same town. When I see them they still flaunt it. My current wife knows everything and has now started dating too. I'm not sure what it is they see in me that I don't know? -FH

  • They see how to have a paycheck and f*** everything else around the town. That's what b****** do. Take your money, and f*** someone else. Stray mutts. It's why they're called b******.

  • My wife is nearly seventy.
    This was her thirty years ago, with well over a hundred men.
    And she never regretted a thing!

  • You must be proud. Put that on her tombstone. "well over a hundred men. And she never regretted a thing!"

  • Haha . A couple guys is one thing ,a hundred is kind off gross

  • I used to be in your exact situation. Do some research... with pillow talk, role play, selected p***, music, hypnosis, etc., you can gradually seduce and train him to accept it. I openly cuckold my husband now and he accepts it.

    Good Luck!

  • How did you train him

  • That's cuz he's f****** stupid, and brainwashed now. I bet his p**** drools on it's own helplessly flopping like a skin sack of wasted flesh and his testes have shriveled like prunes. Nice. I bet you could just kick them repeatedly and he'd never even feel it. His b******* is probably the size of mars.

  • Love it!! Wish my gf did this to me!!

  • U sound like the perfect wife..would love my gf to this to me!!

  • Becky, I did the exact same thing with my husband !! It took a while but he finally came around accepted that it would benefit our marriage greatly! My husband knows that its only for the physical thing and that I love only him and the others are only temporary. He has totally allowed me my control in this matter. Our marriage is fantastic now and its because of him accepting that wives sometimes need additional physical attention. It gets better every day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Like aids temporary? or STD temporary? Man I love them slutty ass s****, ya know the ones who have a husband, but need more sexually. The kind that shove the vibrator in up to their throat and still ask for more because they are bored out by all the huge c**** they f*** constantly.

  • Im55 year old male called adrian. My wife calls me adriann and shes been cuckolding me for over 25 years. I have learned to accept my life and to obey. She is now talking about castration as my little c*** is no use. I have agreed as im locked in chastity 24 7 can anyone help us find someone to do it.

  • IS she going to castrate your head or your b****? I don't think you use either, you might as well do both since you're not bother to use either.

  • Love it!! Wish my gf did tho to me!!

  • My wife used other methods and was successful are you dominant

  • My wife trained me and started by me by talking about it and then doing my ass while she did so. It has worked out well and once I accepted things it was fun

  • My wife has been turning me for years. I do a lot around the house now that she used to do. I expect her to hit me up with it soon. I kinda want to. Let her dominate me. Spank me and make me watch her get f***** hard. Sounds hot to me. I get hard thinking about it.

  • Isn't this sort of rape, because he's not consenting to it...

  • Becky, never let him c**,unless you give him permission,then he will obey you as you tell him to do anything house work and anything.

  • Exciting!!!!!!

  • Hi I'm looking to be a cucked. How would I go about introducing the idea and possibly making it happen?

  • Weirdo just admit your a f*****

  • You have satisfy you and your wife

  • That's awesome girl, this is my fantasy too for a long time to be a bull, you think I can find my first couple, Or is there too much competition? I've been trying Craig's list for some time now, but no luck yet. Where else do you think I should look?

  • C** to dallas tx and do us , we need willing male.

  • Try www.com where you can watch or even cam yourself.

  • You have an issue with validation and should really consider therapy. If you are 40 years old and still thinking of living like an 18 year old w**** you will lose your husband and thus your security. Your boy toy will leave you because the foundation of that relationship would be cheap thrills in bed and then you can be f***** hard in a whole other way.

    Still sound fun?

  • If you were my wife, you could f*** whoever you wanted. Throughout our marriage my wife has taken numerous lovers. On several occasions she has even considered them her boyfriends and has even taken vacations with them.

    There have been a few times where I have been directly involved....I have given a few blow jobs and swallowed and was f***** in the ass once. It is the best thing to ever happen in our marriage.

  • "I have given a few blow jobs and swallowed and was f***** in the ass once."

    Sounds like you're doing a lot of giving and taking. Mainly in your orifices. That's what marriage should be about, giving and taking only in your orifices. and by your, I mean YOUR's specifically. Just go to prison, you can have all that and a lil slice of heaven.

  • Lucky her and lucky u man!

  • I want that

  • Love that.

  • That's awesome, I do have a passion to be a bull , where do you think I should look?

  • Kijiji or other sites

  • Texas

  • This has to come from him, but you can help. When he is in a high arousal state is the time to bring it up.

  • You can make him do it. Just keep edging him and then start fantasizing about it with him. Buy p*** that caters to it and stroke his c***, while watching it. Etc....

  • MY Beautiful Wife

  • Yes, he would love that !
    You won't know unless you flirt in front of him, maybe let the other men touch you or kiss you in front of him.

  • N*****

  • This post was not written by a female , it is a cuck perv. Do some research , Ladies are not seeking 10 inch c****. Even if they were, the blacks have averàge of 6-6.5, whites 5.2-5.7 asians 4.8. NA 5.3. Women adjust for most average sizes, but they also say beyond 7 it gets painful. There are differences in V*****, it links to the size of the lady. Small ladies smaller V*****. Smaller Asian men please their ladies. No offence the black men, but this size issue is not a bigger is better. It is about hardness and enough. The lower limit reportef by females is 4.5 and hard. Women are turned on by confidence, men being men, attention, love etc
    Romance her and do what she likes. Guess there are kinked females, but rare. Most cucks are freaks, hidding in closets, masterbating. They manipulate and use women to play out in front of them. They could please their brainwashed wives, but instead trick them and p*** them into their perv lives. Bet these ladies have huge regrets over a marriage to a sick rodent. I am 6.5 inch, and get rock hard for my loving wife. I am the man, and like any man would never accept sharing her. If I was 4.5 inch she would still be pleased, I would make sure of that. If she ever brought up another man, women, lifestyle..... she would need a lawyer and a dentist (if she cheated). Make no mistake cucks, you are pervs, need help and can please your wives. Ya know it is usually the cuck who creates this h*** for his wife.

  • I'm white my c*** is fat and just short of 8 inches . So not average I guess . My girlfriends have told me its big and one told me " your not putting that in my butt"
    Haha. I would not want it any bigger .
    My Asian wife sometimes complains in doggie style .but Asians girls have smaller p****** .

  • Lol a white man wrote this. Im black my c*** is 8 inches long. Been that way since highschool. Your d*** is tiny. Get over it.

  • The biggest d*** currently on record is a white man's fyi.

  • I have wanted my wife to make me a cuckold husband for years even to the point of telling a mate I know she likes that I'm away for the weekend , and when in bed that night I returned we played and she called jims name a few time but even to this day she all ways say no nothing happend ? What do you think

  • Guess you might have married a cheating w**** perv.

  • The writting from OP does not sound female. Of course it is possible, but not typical of the way females discribe a fantasy. Sound more like a perv troll making the comments. If not this person sound like pond scum, or someone who has been sexually abused. Frankly the victum of this lifestyle are the ladies. Subjected to sexual abuse, like a h*****, on display for a sick minded "HUSBAND?". Not too many ladies list being married, and sexually abused to entertain a sick f****** perv, as a dream life. Make mistake, ladies are not like men, let alone pervs. OP is not female and is likely a perv.

  • Shut the f*** up you moron..lol

  • Say what perv?

  • What that you want me to c** on your face and s*** in your mouth...

  • Op try doing it in IRAN. You could then go out and share this with the officials. What you woukd get would likely be justified. I FEEL so sorry for your husband.

  • Pig

  • My girlfriend cuckolded me, and even though it was a surprise it made me work harder to please her. After cheating, she had s** with me 5 times that same week, a weird accelerant

  • What man would be a f****** submissive b****? You need to get help

  • Your not a woman or a lady, thats a s*** , thats something i would never want in my life ever, it means you have no love or respect for your husband feel bad for your husband , he should divorce you

  • You might be surprised. Husbands have fantasies too

  • You are BS, so tell your hubby and get the snot kicking you deserve. Maybe he has a similar desire, like many men. It end badly...ya know...news about say a homocide. Get help you f###ing w****, you have sick thoughts.

  • How do you think a man can accepted to sheer his wife with other !!

    If he did that he is not a man
    He just Pig

    You people living for s** every thing
    in your lifes about s** s** s** s** !!

    S** is instinct like eating

    So when you start eating banana
    From your ( )( ) that will be crazy
    And not healthy

    S** is for make love more beautiful
    And love makes us more humanitarian

    This wife doesn't love his husband
    Because she doesn't respect him as a man

    And if you don't respect somone
    That means you will never love him

  • I would suggest talking to your husband about it. It's actually not as uncommon as you think. Women love to be torn up and treated like a cumdump in the bedroom. He might actually be OK with it. He might even want to join in for a tag team dp. But I would also suggest that you go 50/50 on any sexual adventure you have. So if he agrees to let you f*** other men, you should arrange something for him as well. Like an tight asian s***. Or a black girl with a big bouncy ass. Also if he doesn't agree to it, just tell him about your fantasy's. Role play a rape scene where he breaks into your home, ties you up a moderately abuses you.

  • Yes i like it

  • He won't accept that you want to cheat on him and humiliate him. NO MAN WOULD. Poor advice....the she he or it who is OP, could end up taking a beating from the insulted husband. Tell her...it to see a shrink b/f handing out this recommendation. Poor advice...on the wat to devorce

  • That's exactly what I always wanted to hear from my wife. If she could tell me exactly those words, wow! so happy I could be. I explained her that I'd like to see her having s** with other man. She knows that before we got married. However, until now nothing had happened. She liked the idea when I proposed her that, during the first year of our marriage we had s** several times thinking in that, but later she just ignored the topic and with the time she even don't follow me with that idea. I'd like to talk with women and men about their experience and ideas about cuckolding. iliketoseemywife@hotmail.co.uk

  • Ask him.. you'd be surprised

  • Ya ...surprised at how hard he can punch.

  • It's weird because guys are trying to get their wives to be with other guys and they refuse, Tell him you have fantasized about him being with another chick, and mention most men have thought about their wives being with other guys..........................try take turns having threesome fantasies maybe. If you can get him to climax in you and then go down on you that can be very helpful.

  • If my wife so much as suggested such a stupid thing her ass would be kicked out and I would be calling a divorce lawyer.

  • How do you she not shaging someone else

  • You nailed it, if she was sick like this nut job, dump her.

  • It's not ur thing move on u

  • Lovely, i always fantasies about my wife with other man.

  • It's no fantasy for me, my wife is f****** my dad and i like watching

  • Is your wife hot do they f*** in front of you

  • The hottest cuckold scene would be my father and wife dating behind everyone in the family and him just coming over the house like her boyfriend and she dressed in sexy lingereie and jut go at it f****** in our bed and me watching

  • I would encourage my wife to tease and go on dates with my dad and follow them secretly to watch them f******

  • Cool

  • I am my wife's p**** whipped c********** man. I am also her c** rag. 8 fluff her studs and if she wants I sucked them or f*** them, but only if they are black I like to be humiliated and beat up. If they f***** me with no lube in front of her camera or girlfriends while they abuse my b**** i love it. I prefer black c*** to her p**** now. I cannot get it up for females, but a thug black dude and I am dripping prexum

  • You most definitely are a true cuckold

  • I want to watch my wife with another man. I desire being made to clean her with my mouth after they finish. I'll even be willing to get him ready, with my mouth, to f*** her.

  • Best of real cuckhold marriage

  • Something similar happened to me while I was with a lady that I only dated a few times. On our 4th date she asked me while we were having s** if her gay son could join us when I was close to c******. He wanted the c** !!!

  • If u come to bosnia i can help u

  • I want to be cucked.

  • I have a girlfriend and I'd love it if she f***** another man I front of me. I fantisize about my bestfriends f****** her like she's his. I would love to be my girlfriends b****. I take every opportunity to make sure she knows that I'm her b****. If I mess up I usually tell her she can get back at me by getting with another guy if that helps. There's nothing I'd like more than her to come home and tell me all the dirty things she did with her guy friends, then tell me to on my knees, squat over my face then s*** out all the c** she has in her ass with s*** mixed in it right in my mouth. Then for her to tell me to swallow it all and sleep on the couch because only real men can sleep with her, then she slap me across the face "be sure not to eat today b****. I'm going out with my guy friends later and when I comeback I'm s******* in your mouth so you get a nice mix of s*** and c**. Okay b****? (Okay) good little b**** obeying me like the little b**** cuckold you are * spits in my face* * slaps me across the face* now lick my shoes b****, I can't have them dirty so I want the bottom nice and shiny. And by the way I'll make sure to step in dog s*** when I go home so you get a little flavor. ( okay thank you) shut up b**** I didn't tell you to talk *spits in my fAce* then she leaves and comes back at 2 am and tell me all about the the three black guys who made her they're b****. Then she pulls up her short skirt, tells me to get in my knees and open my mouth and she s**** all of they're c** and her s*** into my mouth and orders me to swallow it. Then she says her holes are for real men and so is the bed. And tells me to sleep on the couch. Then she puts me in a chastity and says it's staying they're for 2 months I'll let you j*** off in two months after you watch me f*** your best friend. You will be eating both of our s*** by the way."

  • Ask him if he's into cuckolding, and if he's not just f*** another guy without him knowing

  • Do not cheat. Bad advice

  • If he wouldn't agree, then don't do it. But you will never know until you ask him. I have told my wife she is free to have s** alone with other men, not for me, but because she desires to for her own pleasure. I want her to enjoy what I cannot give her because I love her that much. Her happiness brings me joy, not jealousy. For now she doesn't want s** with another man, though she fantasizes about it, so we role play. And we have more and better s** for indulging our fantasies. If it ever happens, I think we will both be prepared for it.

  • I would agree with you that you should cuckold your husband.
    It should be a woman's decision who she share her body with, specially since her husband does not know how to satisfy her.
    I'm sure that he would enjoy watching you

  • Women should be in total control of these arrangements.

  • What a stupid f****** prospective. Get help you f****** whimp.

  • I'm a cuckold and I love it

  • Me too !

  • HungFunBuddy on G M A I L would love to help you out. Please get in touch.

  • Wow! Just had a night away with my wife. I told her my fantasy of watching her getting f****d by another man. I didn't think she would get it, but she loves the idea. We talked about it a lot and had the best s** EVER! We are going to make it happen in two weeks. Nervous but so excited!!!!!

  • I want to let my wife have a big d***.

  • Woww

  • Don't do it. Fantasy and reality are so different. First, you are involving someone else. There is a chance that your wife and the guy might fall in l***.
    New s**, can cause people to do stuff they normally would not do. How do I know this? It happened to me 25 years ago. We came so close to getting a divorce.

  • You will enjoy it

  • I am male I love f****** wives infront of husband. Contact me if you want to see your wife f***** by me naveenroyal6996@gmail.com

  • We cuck couples need guys like you who are in need , like us needing men for our relationship.

  • If some w**** tells me she wants to have other guys inside her she better be looking for a new place to stay.

  • You should have your fantasies come reality! A man has to fulfill his wife's wishes....
    By the way, I finally started writing in my own blog as well:


  • Just go it, try it in secret at first (i know this may be frowned upon) But try it and if you like it try and talk him around and see if he will video! You deserve and good hard seeing to haha good luck!

  • My wife said to me, "Don’t be nervous. My love for you is unconditional. I know you can’t help it. You are who you are. So if you believe being a cuckold epitomizes your inner self. If you know it defines you. You should accept it. You should be proud of it. Your declaration will be the ultimate act of liberation. I promise to enable your every need. I’ll honor and support your proclamation as a symbol of commitment to our relationship and my love for you and our s** life will expand in ways you can’t imagine." -FH

  • Is your wife a poet ?

  • Well said, i am single atm.. but every relationship I have been in, i have wanted my GF to get f***ed hard by another man, whilst i watch and video... and get her to tell me how good it feels.. But we have never went through with it.. just talked about it as we had s**.. anyone taken it further? Wife swaps etc.. Just wondering did you get jealous?

  • I am ready to f*** your gf contact me naveenroyal6996@gmail.com

  • HungFunBuddy on G M A I L wants to help you out. Please get in touch.

  • We have! It's f****** fantastic! No jealousy just pure pleasure!

  • Your wife sounds like a wonderful woman. I would love to find a woman like her--I would have no problem accepting and declaring my true feelings, knowing that her happiness is paramount. Showing this commitment is the highest form of love.

  • My husband, whom I love very much, has an unusually small p****. After 16 years of not having an o***** I finally decided to do it with a guy from work. He had well endowed
    p**** and I was satisfied. Occasionally I do it with an acquaintance and we have five lovely children to show for it.

  • Sounds like my marriage, my wife has been with several men in our marriage been knocked 5 times, but we only have 3 kids , none from same guy, and we are ok if another couple are made, for me to be dad to.

  • I am a cuckold husband and have been for 7 yrs. I have a small d*** and don't do it for my wife so she told me one night that a friend from work was coming over. When he arrived I was blown away by his size look like he was going to a gun show wit all the mussels. We sat down and had a few drinks and my wife told me her plain. She said I'm tired of not getting what I need and Tommy is here to give it to me. I said what do you mean and she told him to stand up he did and she undressed him I was scared of what was about to happen but the guy was like a tank. She said to sit down and shut up are leave. Now he looked like he was going to a rifle show he was hugh there too. I watch for hours as they f***** and was made to clean up her p**** when he was done. That's how it started and 7yrs later I'm still her b****

  • You are f****** s*** of a person, so nature denied him of having good s** and you are denying his worth as a person. Its more important to get your p**** filled then trust with your husband.

  • Ohhh just ask hi

  • As long as two adults agree to it then it is all good. I've been married to my wife for almost 20 years and would love to watch her be f***** long and hard by someone she found irresistible and with a large d**k. My wife hasnt had many partners so I think an occasional wild night every three months or more would make things so hot between us. Im good size about 7 inch's and good girth but if we did it the person would have to be bigger than I am and have more stamina because I would want it to be amazing for her. Afterward I would probably want to have s** with my wife everyday for months. I don't know if she would ever do it but I have used a 9inch really thick realistic dildoe and talked dirty to her like I was watching her with someone else and she came harder than I've ever seen. Seeing her come like that turns me on like crazy and knowing the thought of me loving her so much that I would let her f*** another man turns on her although it only comes up when we are being kinky in the bedroom. But if the moment was right and could tell she was into someone I would let him f*** my wife especially if I could watch

  • Hey, kudos to you, you are a true loving husband and awesome cuck, been at it for 11 yrs, and love ever second of my marriage.

  • You could slowly over a long period try to convince her how much you would enjoy it if she just gave it a chance. Promise her that you would not date any other women and that it would be only her freedom to enjoy s** fully.

  • Me and my wife didn't bring any strange any men into our s** life,but what we did do is swop partners with my brother, so he f***** my wife and i f***** his we have been swoping for six mouths now, one weekend a mouth he'l sleep with my wife and i sleep with my sitter-in-law his wife some times we have an orgy and we all sleep in the same bed. The girls are now both pregnant and who baby is who's we don't care so we will just bring them both up together siblings

  • F***** awesome !

  • Seems to me that you could hsve been her bull. Well endowed as you are. But with your cuckold fantasies and megadildos you degrade yourself and she is ablut to loose respect. The next step will not be a bull infront of you. It will most likely be a real man behind your back with a similar or even smaller p****. Surr she likes your common big d**** games. But I have warned you from my own experience. Women like men who likes themselves plus coworkers and bodybuilders. Your problem right now is you not your wife. Keep it up and you will find yourself either lubrucated in baby clothes with a black d**** upp your butt or just lonely with your dating site and no wife. See she wants a man and in your head you are a pornstar who has the amazing selfesteem to let your wife f*** a real bull but you dont see whats coming. The domestication and disrespect. She has by now already started to see you more as a moneyprovider and homecleaner and not a pornstar. She buys into your selfesteem....You say you are a pornstar but she sees a betamale cuckold in you. You better show her that you can be the bull and let her forget those d***** for awhile ä. I she cant she is lost....and you are the problem

  • F*** off, troll. Look in the mirror and deal with your baggage the right way, by shooting yourself on the head.

  • I have cuckolded a number of husbands. Many husbands and wives have this desire and are afraid to share with their spouse.

    starting with fantasy roleplay is a great way to get it off the ground. One wife mentioned this to me, sure her husband would be against it. She has what she called the Reaction Test.

    She mentioned she had a disturbing dream where she was ravished by two handsome men. They forced her to have s**, the way she described it was near rape, but confessed she was excited and thought she had an o*****.

    Husband was rock hard (this was told to him while laying in bed discussing their s** life) He ended up shooting all over his belly.

    After that she described the fantasy while they were having s** and he came very quickly. She kept telling him she loved him and didn't want to cheat. He mentioned if he knew and could watch, he would not consider it cheating.

    The bed role play went on for a while, sometimes she would say another man's name. She had a few where she told him to hurry, she was sure her husband was going to be home soon. These made her husband pop right away.

    They too went to a bar far away (upscale hotel with traveling salesmen) and she was dressed to look sexy, but classy. Her husband sat separately from her. She always attracted other men who made it clear they wanted her. She would flirt, but never go all the way, but she and her husband would meet in their room and f*** like rabbits.

    eventually, her husband wanted more and they devised signals. Her husband would go to the room and hide in the closet and watch. She would f*** the guy and then her husband would send a text saying his "meeting was over" and she would get all flustered and rush the guy out the door.

    Go read S** at Dawn: prehistoric origins of modern sexuality, then google sperm competition.

    Women are looking for an emotional pair bond partner. This is the business of building a life, raising children and things of this nature, but both men and women are promiscuous.

  • Your not a woman or a lady your a piece or W**** lol

  • I found cuckold in because my husband brought it up. At first to be honest I was appalled.

    But after a little bit of time , and him sending storys that had cuckold in I became very turned on by the thought. The problem is I am terrified to tell my husband that I really am turned on by it. I get turned on by the thought of a stronger man taking me in front of him. But this also kinda makes me feel like the kind of woman that I despise. It is a total double edge sword. It is not worth risking my marriage over so I don't admit to it. But I do think about it at times. He kinda opened Pandora box. Maybe I will feel different when the kids have be grown and moved out.

  • Wives who cuckold their husbands have nothing to be ashamed of !! Wives should be allowed to be happy in marriage and many wives want the experience of multiple men. It's common. If people only knew how many couples practice cuckolding ! It is so very exciting for us women !!!!!!!!!!

  • Very slowly and carefully bring it up and talk to him about it. Chances are he wants it to happen also. I firmly believe that the vast majority of women yearn for this type of arrangement. Most women are excited about an endless line of young men making beautiful love to them!!

  • So basically women just want to get f***** by brutes and leach of decent men. They want the c** covered cake and eat it too. Its a good thing these whores post this s*** so romantic guys like my don´t feel bad after pumping and dumping.

  • Dat true, these are the type of women you dont want to marry or even be in a relationship with they will completely ruin your life, these are not even Ladies they dont even know what love is or have any morals or values

  • I had the same situation and choose not to risk my marriage. Thank you. Reading this has reassured me that I have made the right decision.

  • I too have this fantasy ! I thought it was just me. Thank god there is others I was worried it was just me too.

    I have had this fantasy for close to a decade. I am afraid to tell my husband . I don't think he would react in a good way.

    But I feel the same. I want to be taken by a large muscular man. { My husband is like 5'7 .} Someone that will dominate me the way I crave. I crave for my husband to see how much other men want and l*** to be with me.

    I want my husband to see him really give it too me.

  • This is a fantasy that 9 out of 10 women have. Women love to be loved and it is a normal feeling.

  • OMG you sound so Hot!! I'm 6' 5" very fit and built for fulfillment. I'm at HungFunBuddy on G M A I L I would love to ravish you. Please get in touch.

  • Wish I was your husband, I would accept and be happy that you were happy.

  • I want my wife to do that exact same scenario rite in front of me!!!

  • If your husband won't go for this lifestyle I would love to marry you. I would love to be a cuckold and watch as my wife took other lovers. I am 40 and currently single and a rather handsome guy as well. What do you think?

  • I am 37 have been married for 10 years now , I love my husband, we have a great life,
    A couple of years ago I found myself thinking same thoughts you are thinking. Especially after some research on the internet and finding that this is an actually not just a fetish but a lifestyle. For me this started when I read some s** fantasy story, In the story a woman was cheating on her husband and got caught, and while trying to work through it and saving their marriage, Her husband actually confessed that he go aroused by watching her with another man, and that he he actually saw them in their own bed, and did nothing about it, Only after she got caught by someone else the cheating was out in the open.
    I could not get my mind off the story, I fantasized like you about me being taken by a rough biker type , while my husband was forced to watch and I loved it.
    I solved this by introducing role play into our s** life, I told my husband that I read some article in one of the woman's magazines about s** fantasies and asked him to share his, once he did that I shared mine about having s** with a rough bike stranger while he was to watch
    We role play all kinds of scenes, we do it in public, driving maybe one hour or more away from our town just so we do not run into friends
    I dress up in sexy clothes, sometimes leather , heels , no panties, open cup bra , what ever yours or his preference,
    we pick a place he sits at the bar, I take the seat next to him, and we role play strangers , Sometimes I am a H***** he pays me 20 dollars for a b*******, in the ladies room , or in the car or the parking lot, leaning on the car , that one could get you arrested , lol
    the sky is your limit , make yourself into a w**** and let your husband be your rough biker lover
    good luck

  • Wow! You left my little p**** throbbing and leaking just reading this. I am a real life cuckold and have been for our entire 32 years of marriage. I have seen this lifestyle explode during these 3 decades. It's like any other lifestyle, it's not for everyone but those who get into it will all testify that it is the most powerful, intense experience they have ever had and 99% never go back to the way it was. You obviously are attracted to it and who knows, maybe your husband is too. I'd slowly bring it up to him. You may be cheating both of you if you don't.

  • Please do not do this. Your husband deserves better from you. Is it really worth hurting him?

  • Yeah dont even know why these people get married its not for love or respect , probably money more or less

  • Lol love these nasty hate comments about asians... its ok to bbe jealous and envy asians...it's ok to fewl inferior to asians...you will never be as good so it's ok to complain...lol.

  • Isnt this a wrong post

  • I.aometi
    e wish i.was a cuckold by bbc

  • Yes i want it

  • I've came in my pants just reading this, you really need this so bad don't you, try and make it happen and I hope you get f***** stupid by one of these type of guys, and get your hubby to w*** himself while he's watching you getting f*****, and how do you know your hubby would never agree to it ?? Well I suppose you should know he's your hubby and you know what he's like, also are you the dominant one ?? Coz if you are then you've got every chance.

  • I agree suggest that in bed one night and keep suggesting it to him and I think eventually he might get around to liking the idea and make your s** life more exciting for the both of you, and I think you are being honest saying that you know that other men want to f*** you, eye f****** you as you say, hopefully one day you will get your wish and a biker type guy will f*** you in front of your husband, I think that if all wifes are honest that most of them would all like a big strange hard c*** in them ...good luck.

  • You never know. He might be willing to spice up your s** life. Try suggesting that you roll play - tell him that you want to pretend that he is a biker dude and have as rough s** as he can do. If that is not rough enough for you, tell him "rougher!". If he still can't do it, say "would you be up for someone to show you how I want it? Just once? It could be fun and really take our s** life to the next level!" He might go for it.

  • I agree if only my wife would have done that for me we would be a very happy couple now but she got stood up once and now we have no s** at all

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