i am tired of old gawking at me on the

i am tired of old gawking at me on the bus. i am tired of them just staring and smiling...and showing any interest in me. these men are old enough to be my father!!! it at first irritated me now it angers me. i hate men. today this deaf mute on the bus wrote on a piece of paper, "my name is..what is your name?" and i knew where this was leading, either he wanted money or to get with me so i threw the paper back at him. he wrote down "rude" with an exclamation point. i wanted to write him F*** YOU! but i didn't i almost felt bad..had i thought the wrong thing? and just when i was feeling guilty he wrote me, "but i am looking for a girlfriend are you single?" i shook my head..a lie but i at this point have grown angry to say it nicely. then, some other guys got on the bus a little later and he wrote them something down on his little writing pad and pointed at me. i again wanted to point at him and say F*** YOU LOSER! but i didn't, it happened to be my stop and i was hoping that he would die a long and hard death or that he would catch a disease from which he could not improve and remain debilitated for the rest of his days on earth. i am so tired of all these creeps next time i vow to throw them the finger.when i started college on the bus this random 35 yr old guy tried to talk to me i was barely 18. i am 20 now, but i don't want to be with an older person, especially A GUY WHO DOES NOT HAVE A CAR..I DONT HAVE ONE EITHER..AND I DON'T WANT TO CONTINUE TO BE POOR FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE WRITING THE BUS. and where the F*** does all this confidence these ugly m************ men have, come from??? tell me?? ugly broke men have more confidence than anyone i have ever met. i wish ALL THE BROKE BUS RIDING HITTING ON WOMEN WHO THEY KNOW ARE TOO YOUNG FOR THEM DEAF OR OLD M************ LOSERS WOULD JUST DROP OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH AND DIE.

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  • Closset lesbian

  • it is in males' nature to look at females they're attracted to. but a lot of males really do go overboard. and the more of them that do it, the more irritating it becomes. and yeah it eventually just makes you want to smack every man that does it.

    i think too many men have no sense of boundaries. they need to figure out a way to appreciate the sight of a woman without acting like they're entitled to ogle and make suggestive comments left and right. males need to realize that unless a female seems attracted to you, you should just shut the h*** up and stop trying to get her to pay attention to you. you're not entitled to her attention.

    and she isn't getting paid to be your eye candy either, so if you want to ogle someone either buy a magazine or go to the club or somewhere where the chicks actually dress to be seen.

  • No, it doesn't mean it's ok but its like following nature for guys to look. And no, I can't say don't get upset sometimes when warranted but most times talking to a pretty girl makes a guys day for no reason other than seeing you. That is worth something.

  • well thats wat i do im polite about it but that doesnt mean what they are doing is ok especailly depending on how far they go.
    It makes u feel really uncomfortable and also it kinda creeps me out. How is she a w**** if she isnt flirting back or anything, that doesnt make the least sense. U know what i would do though if an old guy asked for my name i would put my name my address... no lol jk i just put my first name doesnt necessarilly mean he likes u in that way even though i could certainly be. But u cant really say dont get upset about it though because when something similar happened to me it did upset me a bit.

  • Oh, come on. Give the old guys a thrill. Smile at them, be nice and act innocent for them, but keep your distance for real. They can't/won't do stupid s*** on the bus, so show them a little cleavage. When they ask for your name and number give them a bogus one with a smile, or tell them you are married already. Why get upset over it?

  • You should be happy someone is looking at you, you putrid w****!

  • Ladies, it happens. All men look, whether they're 14 or 94 - even if their eyeballs are the only thing functioning properly. Just accept it and move on. I'm a young woman, and since my early teens I've had the same thing happen to me, even from teachers. You can stand your ground, but you can be polite about it as well, and you'll get more respect. And of course, if they push the boundary, you'll have every right to lay their a**** out.

  • yes a lot of men are gross especially the old pervs.

  • G*******.

    Don't be such an a******.

    Take up masturbation.

    It cures assholery, an art which you seem to excel in.

  • Omg I dont hpe they die but I hope they would stop...I'm 13 and guys like 18-20 are asking for my # and im not like that although some girl at my school are...but i love my mom n she says no boyfriend and i respect that...

  • I totally understand where you're coming from - I'm 20 and yet I still hate it when MUCH older guys hit on me. I just feel gross when they stare at me like I'm some kind of object. But not all men are like that - my boyfriend isn't...even though he's around my age, lol.
    Just ignore them - unless if they wanna get forcifully physical, I'd pepper-spray their a****.

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