Im sorry that ive been wrong, and im

Im sorry that ive been wrong, and im sorry that i decided to be unfaithful. it took a long time for me to realize what i was looking for. and now that i know, i feel like i may have dug myself in too deep. i can back out of something like this, something like us. but im afraid to hurt other people as well. ive told you i love you, and i meant it. but there are other people who love me too and i led them on, and it was wrong. i shouldnt have, and im sorry to all of them, and to you for going behind your back. if i could change it i would but nothing is as easy as we would like it to be.

so what to do now. i come home in 28 days, after spending a year here in this country, and i have to face them, and face you. and im a coward for not saying these things to your face, im a coward for running away so many times when you were there for me. and i know in the deepest part of my heart i can do better, i can be a better person and do whats right. but all i can do right now is wait till i come home, and thats the hardest part now, is waiting. because time seems to inch past me, going so slow. all i want is for you to be happy, and i hope i can do that for you.

i love you.

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