It is amazing what a few drinks and Weed can do to a woman

My wife has been bored with me for a very long time . Perhaps I work to much and though I try to keep her interest I guess I fail . She had no s** drive for me . One of my best friends enjoys an occasional wife swap with selected couples . he is extremely good looking compared to me and excites my wife . though he is younger I know for sure he had a vasectomy , because we use the same Doctor. So I tried talking my wife into a wife swap just to see her have fun and enjoy s** . She refused for a long time . Then finally just a week ago we went out together drinking and dancing and having fun . We ended up at their home while his kids were at his parents . I got my wife high on weed and alcohol and she finally gave in to a wife swap . She had a blast and loved the wild hard s** . We screwed our brains out for about 4 hours . My wife adores my friend and is ready to do it again . She was sore from so much s** and many o****** . She never knew it could be so much fun . She can not wait to have s** with him again .

Nov 10, 2013

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  • Lol you're a big p****

  • I did all of this as an experiment , and had no idea how things would go . But she ultimately gave in and loved it . We loved the fun more than the s** . It is exciting to listen through the door to her moans and knowing she having an o***** . 4 hours later she emerged exhausted and laughing at the same time and said she is ready ASAP to do it again . It must be kept as a s** thing only , not emotions , we are old enough to understand this . And my friend completely understands this and does not want to hurt my marriage . For a woman s** is fun , for a man it is pure l*** . His wife is equally beautiful and know exactly what is going on and would never give up her husband , but does allow him to have fun .

  • My girlfriend and I have done a few things on vacation. She did amateur night at a strip club, full nude! We later went to a club, and she was dancing with a gal, she got her to come back to the hotel room, and I watched them have s**. What a night! We couldn't do this type of stuff back home. We work in the corporate world, and we are afraid we would lose our jobs. You don't have any fear about what your work, or family would say?

  • No I have no fear , although anything is possible . I have too many things , secrets I know about my friend that can burn him and he agreed to never say a thing. Besides we are both bi-sexual by choice only , this means we highly select . He only does the s** with woman to have fun with his wife . women are strange , it has nothing to do with the size p**** as most men think , it is about fun , and how good looking he is. Only p*** women act like s**** craving a horse type p**** . It is the fact the guy is very likable and intelligent and respectful to them and they love his personality.

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