Wanted Female Companion but.....

I am a married male teacher of 35 age. I have good libido. There are many attractive lady teachers and parents. I wanted not more but few (2-3) to have sexual relations with me. But I feel shy and odd to ask anybody for it. I do not wanted to force or hurt anybody. I feel that if they would not like my wish? If I ask, what they will think of me? Shall it hurt my status? Shall they keep my wish secret or expose it to others? Shall it will be against the morals? If they did not like it? If they react adversely? Due to such thinking I could not have such relations with others, though I am willing strongly. So I am suppressing my wishes for much long and feel miserableness.

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  • I walked into a bar in Portland. I was in between wives at the time and needed some action. Three women were sitting at a table, so I walked up and told them that I liked their looks and would love to spend some private time with them.
    They all looked at each other and giggled.
    "All of us?" The one lady asked me.
    ""That would work just fine for me."
    "You could handle that?" The nice looking brunette asked.
    "Yep!" I grinned.
    About an hour later, the brunette came up to me and asked me if I was serious.
    I was.
    But only two went with me, one was married.
    It really is that simple, just ask nicely.

  • I totally agree. You don't just go and ask people to have s** with you. Keep your s** desires way from your work. Go to a bar and offer a drink to a woman, go online and find someone, pay a prostitute(If where you are is legal)or flirt with your neighbor but do not ask women for s** where you work.

  • Your English is not very good for a teacher - so I assume you are teaching in a country where English is not the language.

    As for your questions, I would be very careful about approaching any women parents for s**. Unless you are positive that they are interested, this could cost you your job. The women teachers are different. I would flirt with 1 02 that you would like to have s** with and see if they flirt back. If they do, that might indicate an interest. When you are alone with her, be more aggressive with your flirting and perhaps suggest getting a drink with you before heading home. If she is willing to do that, then while you are having that drink, you could tell her that you think she is very sexy and you have been attracted to her since you first met her, etc, etc

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