I Cant Stand This Feeling

So, I f***** up pretty bad. I'm in 9th grade, and two weeks before school was out in 8th grade I got caught with 3 grams of pot in my bag. I'm in Florida Virtual School now, and I hate it. I'm tired of people telling me "suck it up, it'll be over soon." it wont. Recently I had a small breakdown, and decided that in order for me to be happy I'd have to quit doing virtual and do something else. For months now, I do nothing but sleep. I stay up all night, and sleep most of the day. My grandparents are very overprotective and support me for quitting, because I spend most of my time at their house, they've seen me cry and stress over school. It's not that it's too hard, it's just complicated and I'm isolated from people my age. Last Saturday was the first time in seven months that I've hung out with someone my age, apart from my cousin who is the same age as I. I'm tired of being isolated, and having this held against me. I realize I'm not legally old enough to drop out yet and that it would come back on my parents, but they won't listen to my opinion about it. My mom took my phone and my laptop because I didn't do school work, and that didn't help any (I need the laptop to do school). My parents keep saying "when I was in 9th grade I didn't do anything until summer because of my grades." They don't realize that it's so much harder on me than it was on them. They had friends, teachers, and weren't at home ALL THE DAMN TIME.I hate having this feeling over my head.

Nov 12, 2013

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  • Move to california. everyone smokes. or denver or seatle where its not a crime. keep your head up, they over reacted as they tend to do in those parts of the countries.

  • You do the crime, you do the time. Like with anything in life, the good and the bad, things will pass. And sometimes it is part of life to "suck it up". You can't expect to get in trouble and not have something (or lots of things) taken away from you. There will always be consequences to your actions. There are people your age in jail cells with similar crimes and they're not as lucky as you. Being able to spend time at home, in your own bed and sleeping all day isn't an option. To be honest, it is a little hard to have sympathy for you. Yes, isolation is difficult, and I'm sorry you have to deal with that. But this isn't forever. You're probably luckier than most kids in your same situation. Now, it's up to you to really make use of that time. Dropping out is not an option. Try to get your laptop back so you can get back into school. You don't want to fall behind even more. Because that could punish you further, not being where you should be in school... Be productive, read, write, learn an instrument, learn to cook, exercise..turn this into a positive. That's all you can do.

  • I apparently left out that the pot was handed to me by my dad in a brown paper sack to carry to his house while he went to get a friend. I put it in my book bag and forgot about it, so honestly I did nothing wrong. I realize that from your perspective and not knowing the whole situation why you would think it's hard to be sympathetic. But I honestly did nothing wrong.

  • Yea, that's critical information to your story. And I guess it wasn't an option to tell the authorities that it was your dad's? Or that your dad didn't stand up and take responsibility. Well you're where you are now for a reason, even if it wasn't your fault so just heed the lesson as difficult as it is. Make use of the time. And for the future, NEVER "hold" anything for anyone unless you know exactly what it is. Hang in there.

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