When i was a kid and had to wait on my mom in the dressing room in a store, i would go into the adjacent dressing rooms, pick up the needles that were used to hold shirts together in packages and place them sticking up in the carpet, in hopes somebody would go in and step on them. Evil me.

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  • That's why it's under embarrassing confessions, not funny...

  • If you are the OP, then I'm glad it wouldn't be funny to you now. Maybe just a cruel child thing :)

  • I am the op. i feel bad about it now, i wonder sometimes if anybody ever stepped on them

  • Omg, you're horrible. as someone with a phobia of needles, this would traumatize the s*** out of me especially if I stepped on one. i would have nightmares about it for ages and might not ever be able to set foot in that store again. would that be funny to you?

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