Caught in baby doll pajamas

I was doing some homework wearing baby dolls, not paying attention, I looked up and my 35 year old daughter was staring at me and I was thinking about finding a place to hide. She didn't say anything for a minute or two and then she ask me a million questions. How long have I been dressing? Does Mom know ?, Am I gay? Do I have a boy friend? Etc. It was embaressing to say the least, however she was fine with it, even had bought me female things time to time and I'm very comfortable dressing up in front of her. It turned out ok, her best girlfriend knows and I'm completely comfortable dressing up for her, I even panties shop for her now



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  • This is great. You are just indulging in some fantasies that hurt no one. My daughter caught me wearing very thick cloth diapers when she was about six. She loved babying me and told lots of her friends.

  • OMG that's great, as you said we hurt no-one, I just enjoying being in female clothes, I have a large wardrobe, and I am usually always in panties, even at my age im still feeling good about wearing dresses, lingerie, shoes, stockings, and even clip on ear rings. Kisses and hugs to you, thanks for posting Angie

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