Sharing nude wife pics and vids

I have taken a lot of pics and videos of my wife with her s** toys and one-day showed my best friend them all when she stayed at her sisters. My friend had always said he thought she was sexy so after we had been drinking i got the pics out and showed him. He loved seeing her naked and told me how he'd thought about seeing her nude often. As i had been drinking and we were having fun i asked if he wanted to watch a video of her masturbating with her d**** ? He did so i got it and put it on. Now i have a big 50inch tv and his eyes nearly popped out when he saw her with her big 10inch d**** in her s*****. All up there is about 3 hours of her enjoying herself and we watched it till the end. My wife would probably kill me if she ever found out but since that night i have thought about sharing them with guys on the net. The thought of other guys watching her and seeing her nude excites me a bit. I posted a few of her pics on the net and got a lot of comments on how hot she is and it made me feel good. Maybe i'll share some more one-day ?

Nov 15, 2013

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  • My wife posts the photos that I have taken of her nude over the past few years on a site for everyone to see. It was always a fantasy of hers to have her own site so I agreed to let her do it. You can view her pics at

  • Ask her what she thinks of exhibitionism and voyeurism and then ask her what she'd think of putting a few faceless pics online as a confidence boost. If she likes it then try to vamp it up and do it a bit sexier or a bit more. Your obviously a voyeur, lets just hope she is an exhibitionist. Oh and btw its not just men that look at that sorta stuff, girls like me love seeing it too xx

  • Please can u convince her to have s** with me.Im 45 yrs old.

  • Yeah....where are they?

  • Where do i sign up to see them?

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