I Flashed Two Ladies At Once

I am a lontime exhibitionist, but I'm not the "trenchcoat flasher type". I never try to shock anyone or frighten them. Usually, when I flash a woman she thinks it's on accident, but it's not. I've ordered inside at a Jack-In-The-Box before with my d*** exposed through my zipper as though I forgot to zip it back up. The lady taking my order was super nice and even chatted with me a bit, the whole time, glancing down and seeing my open zipper and my c*** exposed to her. Another time at a water park, I allowed a woman to look up the lookse pants leg of my swim trunks. She got a good show that day.

But the event I'm about to describe was different. I was very bold. It was crazy. And I'll never forget it.

I was driving in my sedan during lunch on the big boulevard in the city. I had my c*** out, playing with it and the windows rolled all the way down. The breeze was so cool and nice and perfect that day.

I was in the far right-hand lane when all traffic had to stop at a light. To my immediate left, there was an older, green SUV with two mature, Mexican ladies in the front seats. The Mexican passenger was younger, probably in her mid-40's, and somewhat pretty. We looked at one another and smiled, so I knew she was friendly. I positioned myself below her so that she could look directly down into my car and see me stroking my c***. She noticed, then looked right back at me and smiled. It was ON! I smiled right back and noticed that she had told her friend (the driver) that I was exposed and playing. The Mexican lady in the driver's seat (probably mid-50's or so) also started smiling and looking over at me to try (in vain) to catch a glimpse of what I was doing.

The light turned green and we took off. I paced my car right alongside the SUV, so that my audience member could see directly into my car. I lifted my hips somewhat to get even higher in the seat and so there could be no doubt in her mind that what I was doing was deliberate. She smiled right at me, held a dollar in the window and kept watching! OMGosh I was stunned and in flashing heaven!

Once the traffic got going, I was unable to keep pace with them on the right side, so I got on the left side in the far inside lane, so that the Mexican lady who was driving could watch me and see me. Then, suddenly... Good Luck stroke! We were being stopped by a train and my vehicle was situated exactly adjacent to and to the left of their SUV.

With that, I pulled my c*** and b**** as far out of my pants as they would go. Both women were watching me and the passenger was still waving the dollar bill! Now having a perfectly willing and enthusiastic audience of two, I began stroking and j********** in earnest. My d*** was hard and veiny and they were both looking and smiling and talking to one another. They'd look me right in the face and smile at me, too. It was unbelievable!

I came everywhere and all at once, spraying my shirt and pants and steering wheel. It was everywhere. I waved goodbye to them and they smiled and waved right back. I then drove out of the line waiting for the train, did a u-turn across the yellow stripe, and drove away, heading from where I'd came.

That was the best flash I ever had.

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