Willing Submissive

I am one of the many married white men who have been cuckolded by their wife. After being married for only a few months it was obvious I could not satisfy my wife in bed. Small size, fast e********** and poor oral skills made it obvious that she needed better s**. She did have numerous partners before we met and had several black men. I confess that I not only a willing cuckold but get very aroused when she tells others about our s** life. The embarrassment is a big turn-on.

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  • I want to get humiliated by another man taking my fiancée’s virginity.

  • I have a friend's with benefits relationship with a married lady I work with. Her cuckold husband knows all about his wife and I. He knows what is expected of him too. He keeps her p**** shaved just the way I like it. He knows I don't allow her to wear panties at work. He knows his wife thinks his 4" c*** is just not adequate for her sexual pleasure. He knows her p**** belongs to me now. If and when she lets him f*** her he only gets her ass. He is expected to service orally on demand. I love sending her home to him with a nice fresh cream pie too. The three of us have a nice friendly relationship. She thinks he should start servicing my c*** but I am not gay and won't allow it. I do like to f*** her in their bed at home now and then just to show him how she loves my much longer and thicker c***. I have pulled out when I'm getting ready to c** and shot it on his face and in his mouth a few times... She loves to watch him take my loads.

  • I would love to be a cuckold to my girlfriend. I have less than a 2" d*** and I am infertile. My girlfriend will be my wife in name only so I can support her. I need a strong, young, hung bull stud to satisfy her in all the ways I can't. I want him to impregnate her so and I will support the children and raise them as mine. At least they won't have to worry about turning out like me.

  • You guys are such wimps. Turn in your man card...you don't deserve it.

  • You're right I don't deserve it. I admit I am not a real man. I am a dud. My partner deserves a stud.

  • Wonderful,another guy is f****** my fiance and he has a big c*** as I only have a small one, he's been f****** her for a little while now and she loves his big c*** inside her, I want him to f*** her before we take our marriage vows and for me to know that another mans sperm is swimming about inside her is mind blowing for me and if he makes her pregnant before we get married then all the better and I want everyone to know that its his child she's carrying and she's marrying me ....I want him to consumate our marriage in our marital bed while I'm in another room masturbating to him f****** her all night ...I hope when we are married that I will get to watch him putting his big c*** in her and f*** her silly, I want to see her sucking his c*** and her to swallow his sperm.

  • Don't you want to suck his c*** and swallow his c** too like the little p**** you are?

  • That sounds hot!

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