I Made A Lady Very Happy: A Flashing Story

I love it when I make a lady happy.

There's no doubt in my mind that many women enjoy seeing a naked man. Not all, but some. Today, I was stroking myself in my car during lunch and I was being very subtle. My front passenger seat was leaned all the way back, so that ladies in vehicles to the side of me could see right into my lap and watch me. Then, I very slowly and deliberately keep pace with them, just a little ahead of them so that they can look into my car and watch me play with myself. I cannot tell you how many women I have flashed the past couple of years like that.

Well, today, I saw a nice, mature, Hispanic woman sitting high in a tan SUV. She had her hair fixed nicely and her nails were painted. If you've read my other stories you'll know how much I love seeing painted nails on a steering wheel. She wasn't wearing a wedding ring, but she had nice jewellery and accessories.

She passed me once slowly, and I took a good look in her vehicle. She was alone, no children, with her window cracked open slightly. Perfect. I sped up just enough so that she would notice my intentional (yet subtle) attempt to catch her attention. My right hand was in my lap, my goods were pulled through the fly of my pants, and I was partly covered by my shirt. With my right hand, I stroked myself slowly while I maintained a steady speed and allowed her to watch. Then, I sped up slightly to test whether she was interested. Sure enough, as soon as I sped up, she did too, and was watching me.

As soon as I knew she was into it, I grew super hard. It turns me on like you cannot believe to know that a woman actually wants to see my member. So... like a good guy would... I showed it to her. I stretched it as far as it would go. I used my hands and fingers to put myself on full display for her. She pulled directly alongside of me, and even passed me very slightly so I could look over and see her smiling big, looking directly ahead. Then, as I hoped, she slowed down a little more so that she could resume her voyeurism and I could continue stroking off.

As luck would have it, we both arrived at a red light and she pulled directly beside me. I was smiling so big, but trying to not look directly at her. All the while I was stroking myself all the way up... all the way down... big, long strokes that made me know I was going to have an o***** soon. I looked over at her and we made quick eye contact and she looked very happy. She didn't seem threatened or worried in the least. We didn't communicate with one another, except to just exchange smiles and acknowledge to one another both what was happening.

I arched my back higher in my car seat and began to spray... all over my shirt, the steering wheel, everywhere. It was incredible. I think I came as much as I ever have, and I was truly just a mess. I was spent. I looked over at her and she smiled and with my clean, left hand, I waved slightly at her. She waved right back and sped off once the light turned green.

It's now been a couple of hours since it happened, and I'm still soaking it in. I really, truly believe that I made her happy. I think I gave her a story that she will share with her friends, perhaps over a glass of wine or beer. And they'll all giggle and if the mood is right, maybe she or one of the others will think about what happened while pleasuring themselves one night.

One of my best flashes, ever.

Jan 10, 2014

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  • I think you are the mother f***** that ran into the back end of my Corvette on the freeway.

  • That is the most dangerous thing to do. Someone could be killed in actions like that. You desreve to be prosecuted and jailed. Lunatic!!!1

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