My mom got half drunk and did my boyfriend.

We have a country store with a video game room, on the other side is a bar. Where the people of our community go in the evening. Kids play one one side and adults on the other. On the outside are those in between ages who talk farming hunting guns and girls.
I know my mom had a lot to drink one night, I would have to drive her home. And for s strange reason she walked outside. I went out the game room door and watched her from the back of the store.
She walked to the table by an old shed, where the younger guys were. She walked up to this guy I had my eyes on for a long time. She said something to him and took his hand. She walked to the other side where her SUV was parked. I ran to the other side of the back of the building and hid behind the trash dumpster.
In the parking lot light i could see her kissing him. Then her head went down, I knew what she was doing. Then they got out and laid the back seat down. Got back in and closed the doors. I ran up to the front on the dark side. I saw my mom on the floor and could hear her moaning. I could see her hand on the back of his neck and his ass pumping her.
I sat beside the suv and waited for them to finish. It went on for forty six minutes of him and her having at it; I times it on my watch.

When the sounds stopped she told him how much she needed that. How he had met a need just like the other times. She said he could stop by some time when her girls were in school. She could give him a nice ride in the bed. Treat him like a king for a day.
He told her day time was work time, but he would be planting by our house shortly, would come over at lunch time for a little fun.

On our way home i ask mom where she went? I did not see her at the bar. She told me she went outside, it was hot, she needed some cool night air. She had talked with some people. I ask who? she said just some of the farmers. I ask if she had talked with Bill? she said yes she had. But not for long. I told her that I wanted him to ask me out when I turned 17. Mom said he might be a bit to fast for me.

Well I knew Bill and we talked many times. he told me how pretty I am and the day after my 17th Birthday I told him. I am legal now. he said he would take me out and celebrate some time. I ask when? he said he would pick me up Friday night? I said i would meet him at the store.

We dated and some weeks later I got to put my hand behind his head and hold on while he "gave me what i needed". Then many times after he did the same for me.
I told mom I had a BF and I would be going on a date with him. He would pick me up that night. When she saw his truck she had the oh s*** look in her eyes.
Before I walked out the door I told her i would be careful; then i told her that she will need to find a new boy to scratch that itch she gets. She dropped her head and walked away.

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  • U should all b happy there is plenty too go around

  • Why would you watch your mother f*****'. Nasty.

  • What is wrong in doing both mom and daughter. The guy will be happy and mom don't have to go and look around for another guy. Very convenient, free f****** at home any time for both.

  • Honestly thats a bot perverted

  • Lol... nothing wrong with mom f****** Bill. Both consenting adults. But for you to get f***** by a guy who has f***** your mum many times over, LOL.... u have no self value..... (poor gal)

  • Text me Facebook

  • Apple don't fall far from the tree does it. She's an older you.

  • Why would u f*** a guy u watched ur mom f***??? Creepy

  • That's the most redneck story I've heard in at least a year.

  • Your mom has a drinking problem. People do and think bad things all of the time on booze. Bring it up to her and get her some help.

  • HIV.

  • Thats why god loves you loves those sin go sin and confess makes him h****

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