I find it amusing that partners think their partners will stay faithful no matter what. I hear so many stories of cheating and unfaithfulness and the old "I don't understand why they cheated?" Maybe it's because they're bored? You turn them off with your appearance or attitude? Maybe and probably most importantly you neglect them, we humans love attention and if it's not offered we will find it somewhere else. Honestly if a really cute girl flirted with me I would flirt back, if they suggested things I wouldn't say no. Right now I'm in a boring relationship nothing exciting happens and recently I've been flirted too by a number of girls and all have this attitude of sluttyness and that where I cave each time. I can't resist a girl who caters to my ego and makes me feel amazing and when they add dirty suggestions like masturbating and oral pleasures I'm done!

I'd love to be in an open relationship I'd have no problems with it, some say you have to careful and blah blah blah, but it doesn't phase me as long as I get to hear the sordid story I'm a happy man.

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  • People like you give non-monogamy a horrible name. You obviously do it just for s**. Or if you're caught cheating, you can just say "hey, i got bored" and leave it at that. If your partner doesn't cater to you, massage your ego, or take care of your needs, you need to tell them. Trying to justify cheating by saying you have an open relationship is kind of sad.

  • Humans aren't monogamous by nature. A society of humans trying to force monogamy on itself will always fail and never understand why. Some people only want one partner and that is their nature. But many people naturally feel attracted to many. I have one life partner and I plan on staying with him as long as we want to. We have no plans on swearing forever, but we have great communication and rely on each other well and I think we will be good life partners. Life partners is the important term, because it's not primarily about romance or s**, it's about security and companionship. We love each other very much and we enjoy s** together, but we are together in the interests of, more than anything, having someone to be with. Financial and social security and comfort. We just work together well. And I think people lose sight of that. Both of us are attracted to others and we freely admit it. If things got very intimate between one of us and another person and we wanted to have s** with them, as long as both of us are ok with it, then we have no problems. Using protection of course. I feel like this is the best way to go about things and all of the poor people trying to force themselves to only see one person and ignore the natural attractions they feel every day that don't really mean anything... I feel sorry for them.

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