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Most of you will think this is a bs post... But whatever its my confession. It's something I tell no one. I'm a tall, curvy girl with greenish grey eyes, and long curly brown hair. Everyone is constantly telling me I'm beautiful. They say they are so jealous. Blah blah.. But honestly, I'm not saying this for attention, I'm 100% serious. I don't see it. I don't think I'm ugly. But I think I'm just blah. Average easily over looked. I'm confident, very out going, popular at school, nominated homecoming queen ya know the whole bit. But every time someone tells me I'm pretty I have to force myself to smile and say thanks. I want to be 100% confident and see what others see but I can't help it when I look in the mirror I see ugly. where others see long brown curly hair I see a hot frizzy mess. Others constantly say they love my eyes. I think they are ugly because I mean they aint even a real color? Grey? can you get any more drab then that? I guess it all stems from me growin up in the foster systems I went through alot of abuse. Some verbal and was told I was fat, ugly, and useless for years. I guess it kinda sticks. If you have real advice reply. If your gunna be a j*** go on somewhere. Come back when you have the b**** to say it to my face and not thru a computer screen. Thanks

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  • I like grey eyes.

  • Why are you so worried that people here might tell you that you crave attention? Fxxk the haters! And please believe people who tell you the truth.. I mean, you shouldn't be bxtchy about being pretty as if you're better because of it, but you do need to have self confidence, and you dont need no counselor, you need yourself and stuff. Don't look down on what you have, you sound lovely and gorgeous, so go ahead and be happy and stuff.

  • It sounds like you nailed the root of your problem with what you wrote about what happened to you in Foster Care. A good counselor could help you undo that damage, that no child should ever have to suffer. Or, you might be able to undo it yourself by working on your self image that no doubt took a hugh beating in Foster Care.

    People wouldn't tell you you were beautiful if you weren't. That is for certain. And, you should count your blessings that you came into this world with such an advantage.

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