Wife is attracted to girls

My wife is attracted to girls. We have been married for just a short time and i told her prior to getting married I would probably never be ok with her doing stuff with girls. I have been hurt before (ex left me for a chick). And I know some of you are thinking "go for it dude!, threeway.. oh yay!", but my wife definitely doesn't want that and honestly i don't really either outside of a one-time fantasy which isn't on my top ten things i need to do before i die list anyways. It is tough because I want my wife to be happy, but know it would utterly destroy me if she had relationships with women. I also know that trying to keep her from doing it might very well drive us apart. I am very insecure especially about this situation and my insecurity makes my wife frustrated. Perhaps the most annoying thing is she says acts like I am a bad husband for not being ok with it. Thanks!

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  • There are secret small cams now you can buy and place anywhere in your home.
    Or have cams in most rooms.
    Let her have s** with a woman and then video her.
    It might help you to like it.
    Or on showing her the video it might stop her.
    Its just a suggestion.

  • You are a real w*****, you turned your 1st wife into a lesbian and your 2nd will do the same ha ha you sissy put a dress on and get f*** up the a***. Sounds like you need it

  • I caught my first wife in bed with the neighbor's 6-year-old daughter. My wife was performing oral s** on the little girl.

  • Sorry man, she will cheat on you sooner or later( if she has not already done it). The life is too long to be spent with someone you cannot trust. Leave her when you are still in time. If you will have kids with her you will be stuck, and your life will be miserable. Find a decent girl that is worth spending the life with. This one doesn't seem to be the right one.

  • Dude, the fact that she's attracted to girls isn't a reason to let her have free-balling s** with girls!! No!!

    Guess what? YOU are ALSO attracted to girls. But that doesn't mean that you should be allowed to indulge yourself from time to time with other girls, either.

    We all have desires and passions that extend beyond our marriage from time to time. That's the point of marriage... to bind yourself to ONE person forever.

    She'll be ok, and your marriage will too. Monogamy rules :-)

  • If you can't get past this then I suggest you get divorced before you have kids and it will affect more than just you and your wife.

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