I want to try Meth.

I want to try Meth despite the risks, the pros & cons are about equal for me. The pros make me want it bad, because from the sounds of it you feel like a super-god, which is ideal for me. Cons are losing everything and everyone. Not sure what to do, cause I'm tired of feeling so empty, but i can't lose my boys...

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  • That's retarded meth doesn't do any of the good things you say it does. All it does is get you f***** up and give you the occasional hallucinations. I know because where I worked one meth head I met went to rehab, the other I worked with is still in prison, and a third was homeless and only felt a sense of calm and comfort while on heavy drugs. The third died in the stair well of my workplace one night. I would regularly clean up dirty needles and pray that I don't get hepatitis. All of these people agree meth is not good.

  • You may not be able to try meth once..and then what will you do? I think there are other ways that can fill the emptiness that you're feeling, but that comes from working within and talking with others. To your boys, you are already a super-god. And somewhere deep down, you know that you are one too.

  • You have children who depend on you. Think about how they might grow up if you end up in jail for doing drugs. Your mind/body and what you do with it is yours alone, but you have people who need you now, you have commitments. There are all kinds of ways to feel really good. Maybe not as good as meth, I don't know, I've never been into drugs myself. But you have to find highs in life anywhere you can. Not saying drugs are automatically good or bad. But meth will hurt your kids' lives, let alone your own. You have to consider their safety. I don't know what your interests are, but for me, some of the things that make me feel better than anything are music and art, food, s** with someone who knows me well, and more than anything, taking care of animals, my own pets or just others who need help. Whatever kind of person you are, you have to seek happiness and good things in a way that won't destroy you or your dependents. Best of luck to you.

  • My advice- after 30 years of addiction? The "Super-God" feeling you want will go away in minutes leaving you feeling every bad feeling you can imagine about yourself for hours if not days. As you continue to use- the "Super-God" feeling you want gets shorter and shorter until it goes away totally. And if you don't think you could EVER love meth more than your kids?? Think again! Many of my friends- loving happy mothers who adored their kids- willingly gave up their kids to the state to pursue meth- even after multiple stays in prison. And if you go for this insanity- You will too. I promise. Meth brings many gifts- Hopelessness in its darkest color. Shame to end all definitions. Failure as your new motto. Loss will be your constant friend. You may become- like I did- a moral-less psycho criminal w****. Don't take my word for it- or even those that preach about the horrors of meth on TV- Look around- Where do all your "Super-God" meth addicts friends go? Do any of them have lives that match YOUR definition of success? But what do I know? I only said all the same things you did- except my fun with meth cost me everything and many of these scars that meth left inside and out- I'm not sure will ever fully heal. Trust me- if even your love for your kids are keeping you from this road- you are better off. "Meth will take you farther than you ever wanted to go. Make you stay longer than you ever wanted to stay and cost you more than you could have ever dreamed of paying". Tattoo this on your body so when you do go to prison (and you will) I can have a laugh and say I told you so. We are waiting for you here fishy fishy. :'-C I pray for you and beg you not to do this. But only you can make the decision between a good life or a bad death or long stay in prison. Those really are the only options. Its already too late for a good life for me.

  • Better listen to the above comment, my friend. You are about to make a REALLY bad decision!

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