Girls RULE

Girls RULE! I love to kick boys in their b****. I'm great at it. I watch them fall down looking sick to their stomach holding their b**** like the end of the world. Their voice gets high pitched when they are on the ground in pain. They are shout "why?" In a high pitched voice like a little girl. Sometimes they cry, black out or puke or all. I love watching the boy go down in pain holding his b****. Once my ex- boyfriend was calling me "Baby" even though we broke up and I got mad and I nailed him hard and he fell to the ground looking sick and holding his b**** for like 20 minutes. But anyway I love kicking boys in their b****. We walk off and laugh. I Encourage more girls to do this. Maybe once we get control boys will be less of jerks. More girls should do this with a reason or no reason. GIRLS RULE!

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  • Kick girls in their p**** they'll recoil just as much lol

  • A man wrote this.....

  • Girls can kick me anytime they want

  • I won't kick in nuts by a girl I have never been hit I won't to experience it soon I were silk boxers or skirts for underwere my nuts are so lose one kick mite help me with my fetsh girls only please kick my nuts

  • Fortunately, girls/women are not able to join the SEALs or the Rangers.

  • Not such a great idea, you can stop someone from having kids...

  • Thats not the greatest idea you can stop someone from having kids....

  • "KICK AWAY " I say we all deserve it , even the quite nerdy guys like me have evil thoughts on what we think of you girls and how we would like nothing more then meaningless s** with you , so KICK WAY and keep us guys in check , and thank you we neede that wake up call . P.S, the other guys posts just shows you how they watch there Moms bieng slapped by thier Dads , thats why they are so violent to you , Now if only their fathers grew up with someone to kick them in the nads they wouldn't be so violent to women

  • Umm this really wouldn't stop anything? Its not as if thinking about s** is a bad thing either. If a girl is showing off such body parts they are kind of asking for it. Btw parents aren't the problem at all, some people are just a*******.

  • Copied post............fku b****........u gonna suck d**** in h***..

  • Oh yeah? We'll kiss my t***! So there!

  • Only thing girls rule is changing their rags..lmao. get on your knnes c***, cause I'm gonna make you worship these b****, then you gonna shine my shoes. after that I;m gonna make your s*** w**** of a mom suck my pitbulls p**** lol

  • The op is a disgruntled tranny that probably got buttfucked by her dad

  • I got kicked in the b**** once I fell to he ground in agonizing pain that words can't eve convey. I passed out for like ten minutes. I wasn't able to walk for a week. My b**** were purple for a few days. When I peed it felt likes knives passing through. It hurts when a guy gets kicked in the nuts. It's an attack on is manhood. Please don't kick us poor guys in the b****.

  • I love raping and beating the f*** out of c**** like you. Try that s*** with me.

  • Oh, yeah. Big man behind the computer. I would so kick you in your teensy b**** and you would cry like the b**** I know you are. Kisses dickface.

  • Total BS. Your no girl. You're the same guy who posted that he likes to get kicked in the b****.

  • My thoughts as well

  • Kiss my t***, dog breath!

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