I am 32. My fiancé is 31. I am

I am 32. My fiancé is 31. I am sleeping with her 48 year old mother. And her 25 year old cousin. And one of her best friends. I love my fiancé but they are all much better in bed than her. I fully intend to carry on sleeping with all of these people once we are married.

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  • dude, if this is true, you're awesome

  • Uhhhhhhhhh now I'm just gonna throw this out there...do you live in a trailer park?

    Yupp finally decided to leave my signature D.D


  • this s*** is fake. . .either that or this girl's family is seriously screwed up

  • no this relationship should stop cuz ur wife deserves better and u obviously shouldnt be in this relationship.

  • dude... just string the engagement along until a) you get caught or b) you fall out of love with her and finally break up.

    do not marry into that family--you'll be setting yourself up for way too much disaster.

  • stop fantasising, i'm sure theres a women out there for you! You just need to get over yourself or accept that your gay.

  • You are a great person !!

  • Wuz up man, sounds like you in love with her personality and her kind sweet heart, but the s** is just not there. What you need to do is call off the wedding no matter how much it may hurt,being hurt now is better than being hurt in the marriage. And find you someone with the same quilities but better in Bed.
    Keepin It Real Dr. Thomas

  • omg that is horrible you cant keep doing this to ur fiance thats not fair to her at all if actually loved ur fiance u wouldnt be doing that. Also i would never sleep with my daughter's fiance, never.

  • f*** you!i think you are full of s***!fake!


  • .... I hope a lightning bolt strikes your d***

  • Oh my, some little person here learned a few curse words that he won't say in front of his parents so he curses here!
    Grow up baby and stop acting so stupid--put your words, if you know any, to better use!
    Too many silly children in this site!

  • I hope she cheats on your ass too. If u didnt know, anyone can be taught technics for s**. cheating with her mom, her cousin and her friend is only killing you.

  • See this is why women are in jail for MURDER B****!!!!

  • Don't ruin her life! Free her to find someone that will love and treat her right because you know you can't! You are only out for s**--not love. That's ok for a single life--not for one anticipating marriage.

  • Your a great person !

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