He Feels Right

I met a guy and we hit it off immediately. We started having ** three months ago and literally cannot resist one another when we're alone. I think about him constantly, and I could even be falling for him.

The problem: I'm getting married in 10 months.

My fiancé is wonderful to me - always has been. We always knew we'd get married. But each time I sleep with this new guy is the more passionate than the last. I can't stop thinking about it. And it isn't just **... the new guy and I are so much alike, and he's very sweet.

Tonight he told me if I was single, we'd be dating. It made me happier than anything has in a while.

I'm pretty sure the only thing keeping me from calling off the wedding is the fact that my fiancé is so wonderful. I can't break his heart... I just can't.

Next Confession

My girlfriend is making me fat

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  • Do your fiance a favor and break up with him. You don't love him. At least not in the way that he deserves. If you can't keep from cheating on him right before you get married, at a time when you should be head over heels in love with him, then the marriage has no chance. It would be a mistake your him - and for you. And once you've broken up with him, you can date this guy that you are so happy with. Do it today.

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