dont know what

i just found out from my older brother that my home room teacher is a stripper at a all nude club in the next town from us. she only goes on weekends but shes there abuot every weekend. i have not told nobody at school and i dont know whether or not to.

Nov 28, 2013

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  • Bring it up to her and have her show you what she's got.. Or, you'll let it be known to everyone. Might be the start of something nice and private for you..

  • You shouldn't bring it up. Teachers are in school for a long time and, typically, have many student loans to pay back. They sacrifice higher salaries to teach the next generation. Let her make extra money. I hardly see how it affects the students if you really think about it.

  • Your brother may be lying to you.

    But if you're old enough to go find out yourself, you totally should.

  • i guess i shouldnt admit it but i look at her in a totally different way now than i ever did before. i mean i liked her before but not hardly in a sexual way. but now that i know what she does on the weekends all i can think about sometimes is how good it would be to get with her. im not nearly old enough to get into her club and probably not even with fake i.d. but when i look at her i imagine how she would look undressed and how she would move naked on a stage and how great it would feel to have s** with her. its not like shes beautiful or has a giant rack or nothing but she has a great shape and i think it would feel so good to get with her. i really wish i could go to that club and see her there. im starting to fall in love with her i think.

  • Then maybe you should consider telling her what you know about her weekend job. And maybe she'll want to keep you quiet so badly that she'll give you what you want.......some of that hot p**** of hers. If that happens, you've got to be honorable about it and not tell anybody that she's stripping or that you're doing her. I hope you get her, because that would be totally hot. But even if you don't tell her in order to get with her, maybe you can use it for better grades or something else you want. She want to the next town for a reason: she doesn't want anybody to know she's stripping down to nothing and doing it in front of h**** men.

  • Blackmail would be terms for expulsion. And a horrible thing to do in general. How does it really matter if she's making extra money? I doubt she is getting a great salary as a teacher.

  • Don't talk about it. The school staff may already be aware, all you'll do is start nasty rumors and gossip among students that may result in financial disaster for her. She could lose one or both jobs. She's just earning money, hopefully in a way that she enjoys. There's no shame in that line of work, none whatsoever.

  • i hadnt thought about how she might like the stripping job in reality. i never went to one before but all you hear is how the girls who work at them are all druggies and have to work to get fixed so i think maybe your right that it could be something she really really enjoys. i like that idea a lot. thank you!

  • Don't tell unless you want to help her lose her job and respect from her peers at school.

  • thanks for saying that. i have always liked her a lot and i really dont want to cause trouble for her not at all and i know it would cause trouble

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