Male infertility is just as devestating as female infertility

So much is written about female infertility and how when a woman can't have a baby its so often devastating to her. Much less is written about male infertility and how much it damages them. I am male and infertile and I suffer from as much shame and embarrassment as an woman who can't have a baby. Society often views women's role as a caregiver and mother but it's also the men who have a hand in bringing children into the world. When a man can't have children he is looked down upon as less than a man. It's supposed to be a man's job to spread his seed. Men with lots of children are viewed as powerful and virile. Men who can't get a woman pregnant are said to shoot blanks. What can be more damaging to a man's ego than to "shoot blanks". It means he is powerless and on par with being impotent. What woman wants to have a husband who can't give her a child? An infertile man can't pass on his genes. He is often viewed as useless as a mate. My point is that infertile men suffer just as much as women.

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  • Well we have something in common. I am sterile too. Born that way. That's where the commonality stops. Instead of gather friends to your pity party and giving society free reign over what is good and proper in your life you need to shut that s*** out. Your still a man, a bruised ego yes indeed but still a man. There are other ways to be a father. You got Donor insemination, surrogates, Adoption. Yes. I agree men suffer as much as women but stop putting everything on a pedestal. You shouldn't put so much pressure on yourself having to conform to the whims of others. I was diagnosed with Klinefelter Syndrome at 21. I was devastated because being a father is something I always wanted. Life throws curve b**** all the time, you can sit around a cry about it or you can do something. I don't give a s*** about society.

  • Thanks. I know what Klinefelter Syndrome is. I have Kallmann Syndrome. Maybe someday I'll feel the way you do but it's hard.

  • If I were you I'd count my lucky stars. Babies ruin your life!
    But if you really feel the need to play a part in taking care of a child, there are uncountable numbers of children stuck in the foster care/adoption system that could use you. Don't listen to society's stupid s***. They don't know anything. Whenever someone tells you "it's not the same unless it's your own flesh and blood", disregard anything else they say after that. You are not less than a man. You're gifted with the choice to live your own free life unburdened by children if you wish. I WISH my boyfriend shot blanks, that would save my life a lot of trouble! lol

  • So your children provide no joy to your life? Some awful advice to give a hurting man. Guess you should have taken birth control then.

  • You have a hang up real bad , I am infertile , not a big deal , easy to adopt, no one gives a s*** about genes anyway, it is all in your head . There are sperm donors , not a big deal . Adoption is easy also . No problem with male hormones , just no seeds, many thousands of children need parents, idiots nowadays do not give a s*** about their kids , many do not hang around to be fathers . Women do not care either , you do not want a woman to get pregnant anyways unless she is mature and ready to be a mother and a wife . Stupid b****** today are so damn immature . Lots of women out there with children and no father . I date a woman with two children , her husband left and can not be found , she is very beautiful , the kids are so small they will never know whom is their real father . The woman is just glad someone loves her . This is a fake worry

  • True but I always wanted children of mine own. I would love them and take care of them. I am not against adoption. I would want to give unwanted kids a good home. I know what it's like to feel unwanted. Yeah I do have a hang up real bad. I'm glad you found acceptance and a living woman. I hope I can be so lucky.

  • Men are not encouraged to share their feelings in our society. We're told to just 'suck it up'. Is it any wonder we die sooner?

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