Why aren't you depressed too?

I feel depressed again. It's what happens when you give me enough time to think over situations.

There's absolutely nothing to do in this world, or nothing that my family would allow me to do, except for going to school, going to college, then going straight to a high-paying job and then dying.

Any job and adult life is the same, isn't it? I'd wake up every morning, work myself to death, come home, maybe play a couple of games for fun, and then sleep again.
Weekends would serve no purpose other than time to reflect on how dull life would be.

Another thing that makes me angry, mainly because there's nothing I can do to change it is my US history class. The textbooks they provide are ignorant and biased, and they even went as for as using propaganda. They were written by companies sponsored by the state. And everything was written, I believe, to make the current government systems look all holy and magnificient. It obviously isn't if this is what they do to make themselves look good!

I hope that one day a giant meteor comes to Earth and wipes out half of our population...

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  • All of that s*** you said; I want it that way.
    What if this is a s good as it gets.

  • You are the only one who can change your routine in life and start to live the life you want.

  • Go away emo.

  • Actually, a giant meteor would wipe out the ENTRIE population. Ask any dinosaur. You just wished death on billions of people. I hope the m*********** lands on you, you whiny little b****. As far as your history textbooks go, they were written by the side than won the wars...do your own research. There are happy people in the world...and we don't want in on your little pity party. Be depressed on your own. It's all sunshine for most of us.

  • I've been in your shoes, and I empathize, but you have some maturing left to do.

    it is an absurd over generalization to say that textbooks are for propaganda, that is what a 7th grader would say. Also, adult jobs are not the same, why would you even say that? Work can be very fulfilling if you go into the right field.

    Choosing to be miserable is something a lot of people do. I've done it, I used to drink a 12 pack of beer every day for months, then realized my insanity and quit. You should look into seeing a psychologist and show her this confession, because i assure you your perception of the world is not healthy at all and it can be changed.

  • Boredom has nothing to do with money, it has to do with yourself and if you feel self worth , Poor people are happy and never bored, rich people are happy and never bored, you obviously give no thanks for anything not even life itself . education has nothing to do with normal intelligence , millions of educated people have little real intelligence to make really good choices or perceptions . If you think your education makes you intelligent or better than anyone you are an extremist nut case. No one will ever be able to tell you anything because you know everything right ?

  • I suggest you read two books, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and "The Richest Man in Babylon". They will give you the basic concepts you need to achieve financial freedom in about twenty years. I know I'd feel pretty depressed at my job if I didn't see a light at the end of the tunnel; and the potential of retiring while I'm still young enough to enjoy it.

  • Alternatively you could become self-employed or start a small business. You end up working longer hours than you would a job but you're in charge and (presumably) would be doing something you feel passionate about. The point is there are options. Don't let family or societal expectations limit you.

  • It's too easy and far too intellectually dishonest to allow yourself to fall into the Hobbesian trap of life being nasty, brutish and short, or the Brechtian trap of life being a b**** . . . and then you die. I don't know hold old you are, but you appear mature and sentient enough to accept the transparent fact that YOUR life is what YOU make of it. Every day. Every day, you awake with the clear path to make of it what you want. Are you being taught things in school that don't comport with your worldview? Certainly, without question. BFD. Will you be able to live your life free of annoyance or sorrow? No way. Again, BFD. How you deal with adversity is, in no small measure, an indication of who you are. The rest is completely up to you. Are you a dour, disturbed soul lost at sea. Of course not. Can't find a major or concentration to your liking? Try another course. Try another teacher. Try another school. There is no question -- NONE -- that you can find a job doing something that you love. Not something you can tolerate, but something you love and that makes the days seem horribly short. And there is no question -- NONE -- that there is love for another human being in the world that will inspire and motivate you and make your life feel worth living. I understand the urge you have to be a contrarian, to be above it all, to be untainted by the world, because I've been there . . . along with about a billion other people. But you will only be able to lift yourself from that place when you decide to lift yourself from that place, and not a second sooner. It's not the world that needs an adjustment: it's your attitude and your context and your perspective. Only you can adjust it. And you can only do that if you work on it. Get to work. Start today.

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