I flirt alot but

Im not a hoe or a player... lol i just flirt alot... ever since my break up with my first love, i been all over the place, like richocheting bullets, i can help but be very flirtacious with any decent looking guy who's confident, open minded, and with a creatively freaky mind. ;)
its only certain guys i dont mind them touching on me, i like how some of them desire and l*** for me. its not right, but i dont know why i enjoy it.

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  • Do u s*** alot

  • Why do u flirt do u want c***

  • That's pretty hot actually - I like to be teased and flirt with women just like you but that's about as far as it goes. I wish I knew you in real life.

  • That's not a flirt. That's a c*** tease. There is nothing worse in a female than being a c*** tease. At least a "ho" (please use the right word, w****) gets a guy excited and carries through. A f****** c*** tease is just a female with a vicious, mean streak from her brain to her a******. You broke up with your first love as you said and there is your motivation for being a c*** tease.

  • This is just normal, what is not normal is having unprotected stupid s** . everybody flirts to some degree , healthy people are h**** , idiots have unprotected s** . Don't be an idiot , your child deserves a real father and mother . I love to flirt also , and love clean guys with real brains . but even they are all stupid . If they want my p**** they better use protection and I will never get off the pill til I am ready to have a baby , finish college and get my first Nursing job . I love oral s** and love guys to eat my p**** . you must pick your guys well , the more they brag the farther away I stay .

  • THATS WASSUP ok..im not the only one who thinks like this! flirtacious and responsible , i am a passionate woman with alot of ambition.. heyy i may get h**** alot but i dont let it get in the way of my success

  • You need to get your ass into the Bible and quite tempting men with your wanton ways. Remember this. Jesus is watching and taking notes for Judgment Day! Praise the Lord!

  • GAWD! Another Stoopid Bible Thumper. Blah blah blah.

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