All of You Lie

I love the internet for all the losers who lie about themselves, who lie about their jobs, their level of attractiveness, I've never met a person on any website who wasn't a world travelling millionaire doctor with five other degrees of varying bullshit, and are on their way to the next modelling job. Oh, and the successful spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, casual lover, who lets them f*** anyone they want to f***.
So much f****** bullshit.

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    Not rich and not out having s** with everyone.
    I live a normal life-or as normal as possible.
    And about men sharing their wife's I agree with you.
    To those men saying that its just a fantasy I believe.
    And I am fine with fantasies and confessions.
    But yes a lot that write are fake in their story.
    Though not everyone as I was offered to share another mans wife.
    But I turned it down.

  • Actually the internet is usally the only place where I'm honest about myself. With the anonymity of internet I can talk about my micropenis, my pathetic dead end job, the screwed up childhood I had, how severely depressed and lonely I often get, and how I really feel inside. No one who knows me in real life knows anything like this about me. And all my pics and descriptions (with a very slight understatement of my weight) is accurate on my dating profiles.

  • Exactly. I agree it's the thought you aren't ever going to meet any of these people so why hide.

  • But I'm so much cooler online.

  • Online we can be whoever we want to be. I'd rather be someone else than who I really am.

  • I agree im much cooler online cause im able to be myself without having to care if others will judge me because they dont know me.

  • There's nothing wrong with that. You're not hurting anyone and you're enjoying yourself. No reason to stop. I'm sure there are plenty of women out there who will accept you as you are.

  • "So much f****** bullshit." No kidding.

  • How old are you and do you look good in the women clothes? You sound really really hot, can i get a pic?

  • You must get your ass kicked a LOT! You would around my friends.

  • I think you meant "licked a lot" cause no doubt your friends are p******.

  • Ooooooo, you are right up there with Dangermouse!


  • Which part of this confession was fake? None of it, you just didn't like the truths it told.

    You most definitely voted for Trump.

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