only single person

it seems as if everyone is in a relationship except me

i think relationships are a waste of time and too much drama and stress

thats why i like being single and casual f******--minimum of bullshit and maximum of pleasure. no feelings attached so no bullshit attached.

i feel sorry for people who complain about how s***** their girlfriend or boyfriend is treating them..and stay with them because they "love" them. boo F****** hoo. cry me a river. i have no sympathy for morons.

"Love" is something they tell themselves they are in to feel important in thier lives. can't you feel important by something better? a new job? a promotion? something???

i hate people.

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  • Huh.

    I used to be like you.

    But I realized I was empty. Oh sure, a f*** here a f*** there. Get that new job! Wear the big boy's pants now.

    Relationships? Yeah waste of time and totally illogical.

    F*** that. I was alone and empty. What little soul I had left was decaying from the fact I had no one to confide in, no one who wasn't just a f*** buddy, but was there to even ask "how was your day?"

    It's great for a while, but its not permanent. Love is something that you'll figure out when you really get it. What seems illogical outside of it isn't when you're in it. Trust me. You haven't been there yet.

    For now, learn to stop being so misanthropic, TRY to establish some sort of relationship, and wear protection.

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