Why do i feel like i'll never be good enough.

I'm twenty one years old, and i broke up with my ex boyfriend a little over a year ago. we had gotten engaged and lived together, until he told me he "was missing out on the college experience of dating and partying" i've been single ever since. i've talked to guys, dated a few, but i always end up pushing them away in fear of not being good enough.

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  • Trust me, as a guy, we often feel the same way. We put up a big front because we're afraid who we really are isn't good enough. Also trust me when I say the only things we really care about in a woman is if she's pretty and has a tolerable personality. Not a great personality, just one we can put up with. It doesn't matter if you're broke, have no job and are dumb as a box of rocks as long as you're decent in bed. (Sorry but it's true.) If you have kids though that is an issue.
    As far as your ex goes just remember it had nothing to do with you. He just wasn't ready to settle down. You could have looked like Angelina Jolie and it wouldn't have made a difference. By breaking up with you rather than cheating he was actually showing you some respect. Take comfort in that. Make yourself look as awesome as you can and find a guy (maybe in his early thirties) who's ready to settle down. You're young yet. You have 15 years to find someone. After that your looks (and mens interest) will start to fade fast. So you've got time, just not forever.

  • Wise an true

  • As a guy you sound like a moron. There are many women that are over 30 & 40 that are still hot as h***. And not all men care about how decent a woman is in bed. Not all men are looking for a model. You sound like you're still in high school.

  • And you sound like you're trying to get laid at a feminist rally. Biology will out. Men are attracted to a youthful appearance because it indicates the woman is still fertile. Men remain fertile longer and so remain attractive as a potential mate longer. Nobody said life was fair.

  • I like the idea of getting laid at a feminist rally. I'd be all about their causes, at least for a night.

  • You are a complete moron who just showed how little he knows about the way to world works. Go back to class dude.

  • Damn you sell women, 36 years and older, short. There are women older than that who are still beautiful and will still be beautiful for many years.

  • Damn straight! I'm 50 and still a hot lady. I get looks from the young bloods all the time. They wish they could have some of this. But I am not that kind of lady.

  • I would definitely do a hot 50 yr old.

  • I second that. I'd do 18 to 80.

  • Sure, like Angelina Jolie. But she's the incredibly sexy exception and you know it.

  • So very true.

  • A better man will come along. One that will be worthy of you.

  • Your ex was an ass to string you along like that. Just know that not all guys are like that, you'll open up more as you keep dating, and soon you'll find someone you can depend on.

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