I wish I could redo my life

I'd like to state I know I'm in this position and can't change it but I'd like to vent if I could.

I wish I went to university and not get a full time job when I was 18. I should have gone to uni and focused on my career. I didn't have parents who were supportive of my education they were more money minded. I am at uni now (finally) but I wish I did it sooner.

I wish I never borrowed money, I got a loan for my first car and second and third, I have credit cards. I really wish I could tell myself no don't just save and you will be better off.

I wish I never moved in with my girlfriend a few years ago. As soon as we moved in things went wrong. I felt like a roommate more than anything and it cost a bit of money to do it too, so I had to get a second job to cover it. We broke up which was going to happen.

I wish I had made smart choices with women, I seem to pick the crazy or damaged ones. Or ones that have no social skills, currently I'm with a hyperchondriac and doesn't socialise like I do, there are a few options I have if we broke up but we are in the serious part of the relationship. I had a few awesome ones coke my way and I confess I have cheated and still chosen my girlfriends at the time. These times the grass has been much greener on the other side. One really comes to mind but I acted stupid and broke it up , I really wish I didn't

I wish I was still involved in sport, I loved cricket and footy, I wish I was still playing and had a girl who supported it. I gave up due to moving but I make friends very easily so I don't know why I stopped.

I wish I could go back and tell myself to be much smarter but you can't, you have to live with what you have and do. I really do wish things were different.

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  • Redo dolls,from fairly Odd parents.i am a 33 year old adult.i still watch that show in the A.M.every day as I eat breakfast.

  • Most likely the only reason you're feeling s***** about your past is because your present's not good enough for you. Work on your future and the problem will be solved

  • I'm 22 and have cancer...so go f*** yourself you whiny little f***.

  • The only thing valuable about the past is what we can learn from it, anything else is a waste of time.

  • Start from now and see what you can do with your life. Be thankful you are still alive when so many people die young in this uncertain world. Be thankful if you have your health. So many do not.

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