Younger females

I’m attracted to younger girls. If it were legal, I’d be happy to have s** with a girl as young as 7. I’ve found I’m attracted to girls between the ages of 7-11 mostly but would also include up to 15 at the oldest. Even though I date and have s** with women my age, I would take a young girl over a woman my age any day. Something about them just turns me on.

Feb 12, 2021

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  • You're disgusting😝!

  • Pedo is illegal in the not to act on your thoughts.

  • I have been attracted to girls 4 to 10 for the longest time I have a niece who's 5 who up until now I have never been attracted to since shes family but she recently started to love tying her shirts up above her belly botton and wearing short belly shirts wich I of course buy for her and take pics of her in while she poses I have never done anything to a little girl just look at LEGAL pictures I have thought about using my nieces pictures when shes wearing a belly shirt but part of me says dont since shes family but part of me says just do it would it really be that bad to use her pics vs strangers pics?

  • Have you taken other photos?

  • Oh I wish

  • My wife was killed in a car accident when I was 25. Now I'm 28, and I have regular sexual intercourse with my 7-year-old daughter. I always lick her off before penetrating her tight little love-tube. She loves me spunking up her.

  • Pedophile

  • I understand, but you can't. Do what you've got to do, but don't touch

  • I want to be bullied and dominated in a CFNM scenario with a girl that young. Just laughed at, called names, being hit, tripped, kicked, not allowed to get myself off without her watching, making fun of me, and sometimes forcefully taking over if she decides I I can't handle it. Sometimes, just as a display of her complete control, she might even hold it for me when I use the restroom, squeezing down on me to stop my relief whenever she wants with no say from me at all. If I complain at all I get three warnings before she punishes me: the first warning is the "soft" warning-- she literally just laughs dismissively at my complaint and doesn't even respond otherwise, all I am is background noise. Second warning, she gets a LITTLE meaner-- I'm on her radar now. She laughs a little harder, and adds a verbal taunt: "Hahahahahaha! Shut up, you look like a retarded Shrek!" The third warning she stops laughing and becomes coldly annoyed: "If you don't shut up RIGHT NOW-- I'm gonna (insert painful/embarassing threat). After that, she just goes dead silent and does exactly what she threatened me with, and she will not respond to my begging-- unless it's with more laughter at that funny little sound she just barely hears.

  • 7 is kind of old for me.

  • Off yourself

  • F*** you.

  • Me too!

    Pluss little girls' p****** are the cutest 😍

  • I hope you have a very short life

  • Im 12 u??

  • What do you look like?

  • Um what u look like

  • I wasn't asking to be mean, or for a pic. I just wondered what you looked like, I have a strong imagination! Lol

  • So do i sooo u tell me what u look like first....

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