I'm Scared...

I think I'm gay. I'm a sixteen-year-old girl who's been with guys and is attracted to guys, but there's something missing. When I'm with my friend who's a tomboy and we're out, I know that we must look like a gay couple. We stand really close and she looks like a boy and I look blond and girlie, but I like when people look at us weird. The scary thing is I want to get pregnant when I'm older and have a kid with my husband, but how can I do that if I'm attracted to girls? I need help badly.

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  • Love is fluid.
    You can like guys and you can like girls.
    People are people.
    Don't worry about it.
    Like who you like, date who you date, and kiss who you kiss.
    Give no explanation.

    You don't have to label or figure anything out.
    If you like a girl then go out and get her. If you end up loving her and settling down...then you will find a way.
    If you end up with a husband and children, then...
    =] aswell.
    Like who you want to.
    Think nothing of it.
    Cuz...love is fluid. It knows no gender.

  • Prob. Bi sexual. It's very common among women and natural. All women have thought about another woman, even if it was just once. Women are more emotionaly oriented where men are more visually oriented. So it's natural to have feelings for other woman to one degree or another. Don't get yourself up set about it, just accept it and live your life. If your dateing a guy, just let him know your Bi-curious, don't hide it, it will eventually come out, better from you. Good luck :)

  • Its not that bad. Do you feel attracted to girls? have you ever kissed a girl? you can't just assume and then freak out. Its not that bad of a thing. You can still have children. yes it won't be with a man you are with but there are many options out there. if you have to just make out with a girl! solves the situation to find out if you like girls. and if there is something missing you haven't found the right boy hun. no need to fluster about it

  • Well, you could be bi, or, considering you're sixteen, you brain's f**ked up from all the hormones. I'm betting on the hormones.

  • Wow, what horrible comments people are leaving. Being gay has nothing to do with molestation, and if you are gay, sucking all the d*** in the world isn't going to "fix" that. Best advice I can give is to talk to her about how you feel.

  • ^Dondero? That you? Still working for Ron Paul? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

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