Locked in chastity

My wife has locked my c*** inside a CB3000 male chastity device. I am not allowed out of it except for when she can supervise what I am doing. If I am out of her sight I have to go back in. Like for instance she is at work today so I am locked up tight. She found out about my excessive masturbation and after a discussion we decided to lock it up. The deal is she has to let me out every night if she is home. So far she has only kept me locked up an entire day one time, the second night. Other than that we made love once, she teased me and denied and o***** one time, and the other she let me out and let me j*** off. Basically I am allowed out to go to work ( no way I am jerking off while dealing with work so that is safe) and allowed out for about ten minutes a night, or not. I am not sure if I like this. I miss jerking off.

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  • At least 90 percent of all male chastity stories are fiction.

  • My wife also keep me in chastity but it´s the whole time. Home, away, at work you name it. Have it on 24/7/365 and only allowed to take it of for big cleaning and shawing, I can clean it quite easily in the shower by my self still on. She said she got tired of spanking me for masturbating, she wants to spank me for other things too.

    I love my wife and we married knowing that she would spank me when she wants but I did´nt know I had to be in chastity too. But now I find it more than ok, I would feel naked without it.

  • She's sick dump her and get someone you enjoy having s** with

  • Chastity belt; more like bad/easy way to avoid dealing with real psychological problems.

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