I am a dog

I am tired of being a player. I have kidded myself into believing I am an up-front, honest guy as I bounce from woman to woman but the truth is, I am deceptive and dishonest.

I know most women get involved with me hoping for something long-term. I let them believe that while all the time planning my escape route.

I have been with probably 40 or more women in the past two years, mostly older women. I can't remember the last time I had a relationship with a women where I wasn't also sleeping with one, two or more other women on the side.

This has been an interesting life but one with a lot of regrets now. I need to find a way out but I think I have an addiction or some other sort of personality disorder. Opening myself up to a mental health professional scares me greatly.

I don't have anything special about me, other than I carry myself with a great deal of confidence and talk a very good game with the ladies. Also, a big c***.

I am serious. I do not feel good about myself at all right now.

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  • I know what you mean.Been doing it so long I cant seem to quit and women are everywhere.I have been keeping a low profile for the last 1.5 years because my daughter lives with me while going to college.I still find time to take women out and do them whenever I can.Its addictive man.Its not my looks or age or the fact that am highly educated; its just how I find myself and I have been doing it since I turned 18.Whenever I have been married,I tell my dates I am married,and they still go out with me and f*** me.Some of the women are married themselves!Its not a peaceful way to live.Mental health professionals are kool.Talk to one if you need to.I know because I work in a gargantuan mental health hospital and we deal with horrible situations daily.Best of luck.

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