I just love him!!

I have had the biggest crush on J for two years now and I just can't stop! He is 10 years younger than me but he is so adorable. I know I shouldn't be crushing on someone so young but I can't help it. I am married but can't stop thinking about him. He has a girlfriend and doesn't even know I exist. He would never give me the time of day and I wish I could just forget him but I don't know how. I feel like such a pervert because he is so much younger and it kills me feeling this way. I wish I had been born ten years later and I wish I was British because he is. This is the longest crush I have ever had in my entire life. Sometimes I just wish I could be someone else because my life is not what I expected and I hate it sometimes.

Dec 24, 2013

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  • Tell the guy you want to fling with him. No strings. Just fun. All guys like women who are slightly older (not "old") and more experienced. You're wasting time vacillating. Open your legs and get him between them.

  • Previous poster is wrong about you "rethinking" things. All feelings are valid. Whether or not you act on them is entirely up to you.

  • Just because you're married, doesn't mean your buried. It's fantasy and that's okay. You're not cheating and it's fun to look and have a little crush. Everyone looks. But it sounds like this young guy represents something else for you. And maybe it's really sign that you need to look inward to fix what's going on in your marriage or life so you can really find happiness. And maybe it means leaving your husband, or working on your marriage. And this young guy is just there to show you that you can feel excited for someone and not really meant for you to go after him, but just rethink things in your life.

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