Please help me keep my best friend

This year I started high school and so far I hate it; one of my best guy friends moved away (I don't have any of his contact information)and my other guy friend, lets call him W, and I are starting to spend less time with each other. It likely started a few months ago when W said he liked me and I said I liked him back (I am a girl by the way). We flirted for a while until he started avoiding me for weeks at a time and would then come back to talk to me like nothing had changed. Eventually that turned into W completely ignoring me. Some of my friends are happy about it because they say he has never treated me right even as a friend, but I've always thought of W as the nicest person I know. I'm friends with a few of W's friends and the last time I checked they assured me that W still liked me a lot. So why is he avoiding me? I don't care if he doesn't like me anymore I just want to be friends like we used to be :( I still have W's number, but we haven't texted me in a long time. Everyone tells me to either make him jealous by being with another boy or to talk to him, but it seems cruel to make someone jealous on purpose and I don't even know where to begin if I try talking to him; I'm actually quite shy. Can someone please give me advice? Is it possible that W actually does treat me badly and I don't see it? This is the first time I've had to deal with a situation like this so I really don't know what to do. Please be nice with your advice; I really need it.

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  • I know what the problem is , Your in HS now and he now sees more girls he can
    hang out with . You need to start meeting new people as well , your not in middle school anymore . WhenI was in middle school i had a few friends guys and girls and when we all went to HS some of them changed for the worse , hanged out with the wrong people , smoking and drinking . I didn't want to be around that that was not me . Your going to face allot of stuff in HS and you need to know who you are so you don't fall into the traps that so called friends you make .

    My advise is forget about this boy and make new friends if he comes back to you then chat with him but don't center your world over a boy you will miss out on the fun things in school .

  • I'm going through the exact thing! this boy said he liked me a few weeks ago, we started texting a lot, even saying we loved each other! I like him a lot, but he just stopped text me, and I texted him again but now he's ignoring me, like wtf. so I'm not going to keep texting him first and kissing his ass, I feel like I'm annoying him anyways. he's only 2 years older, maybe he feels embarrassed, not sure. but I don't think making someone jealous is the best option. I'm unsure of what to do as well. but stay strong and know you're not alone with this!

  • I am sure he is out enjoying himself with other girls you need to not be obsessed with just one guy . Guys at this age do not want one g/f and if you think your the only girl he said he loves then you need to wake up .
    Boys at that age are looking to get laid so if you think your going to find your husband you are in lala land .

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