I long

I long to have a best friend. Male or female doesnt matter. Its been almost 29 years since I had one, or thought I had one. I got hurt and I've not let anyone really get that close again. I became my own best friend but its not the same. I thought I'd found one a few years ago, but true to form, another betrayal.
Who would have thought finding that one person to journey through life with would be so hard. I hear people talk about their friends at work and I dont have one. I'm so sad and I wish I could find just that one person to make it all click, make it better, lend a shoulder, kleenex, let me cry something. I would repay too, so its not one way.

Dec 27, 2013

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  • Find a hobby you enjoy that is a great way to meet people and have something in common .
    Try craigslist activity there are people who are looking for others to join them tennis , cards , hiking

    You have to get out there to find friends

  • Hey, I get were u r coming from, throughout my life I've had four different "best" friends. If you just keep trying to find the right person, you will. You can't hold yourself back simply because you r afraid of being hurt. Friends will often come and go, but finding one is not impossible, however it is very difficult. You can't just expect to magically find "the one". It will take time to form such a friendship. My advice to you would be to start something with a coworker or another person, just ask them if they want to grab a coffe or something. Don't feel hurt and keep trying. Hope this helps :D

  • ^Exactly! I get it too! But these days, I think people have many different friends and not just one friend. And that makes life interesting and fun. There are so many ways to find and form friendships. But you do have to be proactive and put a little effort into it and don't get discouraged. Find a meetup (meetup.com) or craigslist - platonic section or groups section, excercisefriends.com, religious functions, neighbors. Even post your own ad, and here's your title: "Looking for New Friends". Or find a sports team or take a tennis or art class or whatever. Form a book club or foodie club or whatever interests you. Pretty soon you'll have more friends than you know what to do with. When you speak of betrayal, without knowing what happened. One thing I can say is that you're heading into your 30's and so maybe you'll meet more professional and mature people who you can trust.

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