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I don't know how many other people feel, and I might not be the best person to comment on this because I have become a very cynical and jaded person, but I truly do not believe one and one person only can make another person happy for the rest of their lives, or for a large extended period of time. That is why people cheat, or why people are miserable in marriages, but stay together for whatever reason. One person can not fulfill another person's wishes and dreams; it takes a lot more than one for one person to be truly happy.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • If you're not happy with yourself then what makes you think you'll be happy with anyone else? It's my belief that's why people seek out others to make them happy because they are not capable of making themselves happy. Self happiness is achievable, you just have to choose if you want to live for the here and now and regret about it later or make good decisions that pay off in the future.

  • Your a fool. No one or dozens will make you happy. Happiness comes from satisfaction with ones self. Live your life right, you'll be happier.

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