I love older women

I'm 14 years old and I'm so attracted to older women I wish one could take my virginity and I could date one and be groomed by a sexy milf woman

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  • Happened to me when I was a teenager. I would hang around their house. Then I would babysit for them. One time her husband worked the night shift & I babysat for her. She went out with her girlfriend. They both came back sort of drunk. They put on some music & wanted me to dance on the coffee table. I did. When I humped my hips they both reacted. So I took off my shirt and got a reaction. Then I undid my pants and pulled the wife's face to my underwear. Her girlfriend pulled down my pants the rest of the way & put my d*** in the wife's mouth. I ended up f****** them both until the sun came up.

  • Old banks are disgusting

  • So which is it, are you 14 or 16? You don't even know how old you are. How do you expect anyone to believe your bullshit?

  • Welcome to the club

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