I am married and have had multiple affairs. I am in love with my wife and feel no guilt about the affairs, I simply hate keeping secrets from her. If I knew she would accept it, like I would accept anything she experiments with, I would tell her in a heartbeat. I bear no malice against her and do not view my actions as "unfaithful." I am merely experimenting and changing things up. I plan on kids with her, buying a house with her, massaging her feet when she gets home from a stressful day, and having sweet passionate s**. She satisfies me completely in bed, and in all other walks of life. She completes me. Very simply, I am curious about other women and what they are like. Why is that a crime? I would be fine with her doing it, why should we be condemned to one v***** or one p**** for the rest of our lives? My love for her will never die, and isn't that what marriage is truly about? When I asked her father for permission, he made me swear that our love would never die, and it won't. Till death do we part. I am merely having good experiences with close friends. Shes allowed to have guy-friends. Maybe they're having affairs too, but I don't really care. People should be entitled to the curious aspect of our lives. It is part of being human. I dont get why society bares such wrath towards extramarital relationships. I work at a children's hospital for Christ's sake. I am not a bad person, but many people would think I am, simply because have tried multiple partners post marriage. We dont criticize scientists for experimenting, so why should we criticize partners with interests?

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  • Tell her you want an open relationship or stop seeing other women. And it isnt harmless, you could be hurting your wife, you should of told her from the start not lied and snuck around to f*** close friends behind her back.
    Open marriage, sure its great, but doing it without telling her....thats f***** up.

  • You have three options: Stop seeing other women, find out how your wife feels about an open marriage or keep lying to her. Good luck.

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