I demand that case closed season 6 to 16 to be in english.

I love anime.i am a big fan of anime,i will die as a fan of anime in my senior years in retirement.i will make everybody know that i love anime and i will always love anime.but now a days,i am heartbroken that case closed(AKA Detective Conan).a anime translated by Funimation by Yomiri telecasting Corporation.stoped the series from being in english after season 5(season 1 to 5 were in english).funimation no longer wanted case closed in english.i am begging the Nippon television Network System of Japan to please bring the Case Closed one truth prevails(Detective Conan) to english.Please,i want to see Case Closed season 6 to 16 in english.please do not rob all english fans of Case Closed(Detective Conan)season 6 to 16.If you did that.then you will be robbing Pokemon fans of seeing Pokemon in english.i am begging the Nippon Television network system of japan to please bring Case Closed(Detective Conan)to DVD and Blu ray disc in English.also if you are able to,please hire back the old english cast and crew of the English version of Case Closed one truth prevails.please do not make me a heartbroken person.if Pokemon was only in Japanese,than people would love and hate pokemon.50 percent of people would hate pokemon,the other 50 percent of people would love Pokemon until the day that they die.I want Case Closed(detective Conan)in english.i want season 6 to 16 in english.i want all 700 episodes of Case Closed(detective Conan)in english.i want to die a happy anime fan.i will never die,unless anime dies first.please Nippon Television network system of japan.i want Case Closed season 6 to 16 in english.

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  • You are such a creepy dork you'll never lose your virginity have fun beating off the comics for the rest of your life

  • The autism is strong.

  • ^ lmao

  • Just watch it in sub or read the manga.

  • I would love to see in in japanese,but i am not japanese.i am english speaking canadian.and plus,i only love the english cast of case closed one truth prevails(Detective Conan).and for the correction notes.there is much more than 16 seasons of Detective conan(Case Closed one truth prevails).there is like seasons 1 to seasons 23 of detective Conan.Season 24 of Detective Conan is coming soon.or they are still debating season 24 of Detective Conan.i do not want the legend of Detective Conan to die in only japanese.i want it in English,so many anime fans of the future can love Case Closed one truth prevails again.i love Dective Conan and Pokemon,i grew up watching these two great and unforgetable shows in the 1990s and the 2000s.i want it all in english before i die in this long lifetime.i want everything in Detective Conan(Case Closed one truth prevails)to be in English.i really do love this Anime,i will love it for all Eternity.

  • Subbed is when they put english subtitles to the japanese anime. so even if you can't understand what they say directly you can read it.

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