I just want a tummy buddy.

I have this fetish about stomachs. I really get turned on whenever I would hear stomachs growling. This is only when it's from females though, it's weird when it comes from guys. I would go on YouTube and search for videos about people and their stomachs growling almost all the time, but for the most part, I just wish I have a tummy friend that I could really enjoy this with. That's the sad part about this fetish, you have no one to enjoy this with and people treat you like s*** and shuns you and tells you that you're a total weirdo (not that this has happened to me, I only read it on forums), I would die if someone finds out about this, well at least at first 'cause I know there's other people who has this fetish too. If you're a girl and has this fetish too, by any chance could we talk? I don't know...I met this beautiful girl once who had this fetish too...sadly we couldn't talk anymore. But her presence reminded me that there are other people like me, like us, too and yeah you could add me as well in snapchat if you have it.

I am 23 / M
My snapchat is mikeemannnn

Jun 16, 2019

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