So I have this stomach growling fetish

I'm not going to say if I'm a girl or a boy cause I know how this community works, so I'm a person that has this stomach growling fetish and sometimes I really think it's slowly taking part of my life, so I have a youtube channel dedicated to this, I'm not saying the name either, but you all probably know it very well, and I can say that it's like my secret life

But sometimes I just think too much, I think that what I'm doing is not right, and that I should just leave it, but at the same time, this is a fetish, and I don't really know if it's phisically or psicologically possible to get rid of a fetish, so, as a fetish, there's always something that turns you on, and my way of getting rid of that is just by making these videos that I then upload to this channel, a lot of people with this same fetish watch my videos, and I kinda relate with them

But sometimes I just feel bad about all of this, there's nothing better than making your own fetish videos just the way you want, and then looking at other people's ideas and making them too

Sometimes I feel what I do is wrong, because I just want to slowly leave this fetish and stop making it so relevant in my daily life, but whenever I think about something that turns me on, any other stomach video isn't as perfect as making your own stomach video just the way you want

I just wanted to express a bit how I feel as an anon and see if there's someone out there with the same problem as me.

Nov 5, 2018

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  • I have a fetish too :d and I’ve learned to not make a big deal of it. I used to feel like I’m doomed and I’ll never be normal . I obsessed over it.

    Then I realized my friends do the exact same thing except their fetishes are considered “normal”. I guess I realized it’s a bit silly to give it so much importance.

    I’m gonna assume you’re pretty young. The older you get, the obsession will die down and if it doesn’t, I’d say just keep yourself busy. Make sure you prioritize. It’s really an exhausting thing and it’s not worth even trying to figure out.

    It’s a natural response so don’t get too caught up on it.

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