Worst date of my life....

A girl somehow got my mobile number and proposed to me through a text msg.
I think it must have been someone I know...who else would try to use that fishy old trick on me?
I am confused should I speak with her or Ask her to leave me alone, but she said she is serious and love me.
So I decided to give it a spin, I asked her to answer my phone call because I wanted to hear her voice...
At first she refused because she said she was with her parents, blah blah blah. I didn't care about any of her f**ckin' excuses and force her to pick up my call,
And finally she agreed to talk with me. She picked up my phone call and I spoke with her for a while. It gave me a little satisfaction
After that I asked her to send me her picture. She sent her pic to my e-mail address. She was beautiful, so after seeing her pic I said yes to her.
I work and live in another city, and I come home on Saturdays and Sundays. A few days ago, when I was coming home on Saturday, the day before the day we had decided to meet on when we talked over the phone,
She asked me to come at her college at 9.30 AM, sharp. On weekends I am used to sleep allot till 1 pm.
The next day I woke up at 9 o'clock, and I thought "Pata ni ayegi ke nai". On 9.30 I was about to go to the washroom,
Then suddenly I got a call from her. She said "jaldi aa jao, I'm waiting for you outside my college.
" She also said her friends were with her and they were late for class...
I said "mujhe half an hour an lagega to get ready, so you should go to class and come back at 10 o'clock.” She said "Agar college ke andar chali gayi toh 12 baje se pehle bahar anne nahi denge"
So I washed my face, took my bike, and reach there within 10 minutes...I see off her friends...
We didn't even decide “Ke jana kaha hai”. I asked her to go see a movie at the nearest mall...
She said “Uske uncle ki shop hai waha” ... she refused every place I suggested, so I decided to take her to another movie theater, which is far away from her college.

Here the main part of the story starts: when we got to the movie theater,
When i took out my wallet to pay for parking fees..
(i realised i had only 60 rs in my wallet)....;-(
I pay 10 rs as parking fees and asked the guard where is the Atm, Coz i need more money to pay for movie tickets….
He said "Atm yaha nahi hai babuji, Apko bahar golchakkar ke pas jana padega"
I felt totally ashamed b coz I can’t even ask the girl to pay on our first date...
Finally I decided to handle the situation like a good war commander and asked the the guard "Can i take my bike to the atm" ....
"Taaki dobara parking fees na deni pade" ;-p He said “You can”
Then we made our way to the Atm....But some guy was using it, So we waited outside ...
Then suddenly I dn’t know what came in my mind I asked her ki "Dekhni hai movie ke wapis chale"
She said yes, we should go back...... ;(
Coz i thought she's not interested in watching movie so i took her back to her collage....
And after that ok, bye, Tata .. “or kya” nthing happened........And i went back home .....
Now the question is
Don't you think this story should for guinnes world record...
for holding a record of "Worst date" or "Worlds cheapest date"
I have been through many dates in my life…Sometimes I pay sometimes my girlfriends…
But this date it quite different from all of them…for me its award winning moment
where i spend only 10 Rs on my first date, with that girl....
I don't know what is you opinion about this date...But for me it's unforgettable moment of my life....
Thanks for reading...have a nice day....

Jan 27, 2014

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  • Lol you must be a Indian/pakistani guy... THanks for entertaining !!
    Where are you from !?
    The cheapest date, however did she called you back !?

  • Askennhiz hasga er junjuisto a' torral do torrani vepraventa iwaqo difdej brallent. rerauett!!

  • What is the other language you used in quotes in this story?

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