I'm left at a stand still

I got to know this girl by luck. When a close galfriend I've known for a while, introduced us to each other. At the time I was single and was looking for a girl but no luck had come. Talking to my close galfriend that night about the subject. she mentioned she knew someone who was single too and was also looking for a relationship . I was ecstatic to hear this news. Idk wat she looked like but I'd figure she'd look like a regular girl, so it couldn't be that bad. My galfriend being nice said she would setup a blind date for us. Fast forward a bit to date night. The car pulled up with her in it, that's wen the car door slid open... And saw her. It was love at first sight. My eyes couldn't stay open wen I first saw her. I was in disbelief. This girl was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't keep my jaw from dropping. I'm quite a cocky guy and I know how to flirt with women well. So I decided to push my limits on her and try a get her to make out with me or more. So first thing I did was reach for her hand. She was nervous I can tell. Her grip got stronger ever time I got close to her face to talk to her, but I also knew she was very interested in me. Eventually I knew I was the right time to do a cute thing to break the ice even more. So I kissed her one the cheek and slowly continued to do it till it moved up to her lips. Then that's when she completely turned to me and started to make out. It was a nice date. Fast forward more. We've been going for about 2 months at this point, but haven't been able to see her. we've only been able to talk on the phone and send pictures. I was getting annoyed of the fact that couldn't see her because of her parents not letting her leave home or cause she was too busy. I finally got the chance to see her again on our second date. We just ate pizza and then wanted to find a private place were we can have some "us" time. we found a hidden staircase that lead to a building. So I decided it was good enough and not many people walked by here to bother us. So we started to make out and that got really intense. It made me pretty h****. My hand slowly crept up her body till it reached her chest and was on her b***. It was my first time ever touching them. I got even more excited and I squeeze them. They felt amazing. At this point I'm rock hard so I decided f*** it. I went over her bra and felt her b**** up. She started to moan. It was loud enough that anyone walking by would hear. But I didn't care. I loved it. I then proceed to lower her tank top Shirt and suck on them. And my god. That felt astonishing. I wanted more. She was against the wall at the time so I just moved her to the stair floor. I got on top of her and started to grind her while making out and having one of her b**** out. I then layed on the floor next to her and put my other hand on her ass. Sadly as soon as it was about to get more interesting. Her phone started to vibrate. It was her parents calling her. They wanted her home. I was pretty sad that we didn't get to do more. But I was glad that we did something we both have never done.
One month later, We both couldn't get to see each other anymore. It was so bad to the point we would argue about it. I didn't want this to end up in a break up because I wanted to be with her more. Later that day she called me and told me she had to break up with me. Her parents were forcing her because I was to much of a distraction and that she needed to concentrate more on school. I was bummed out. I've dated ALot of girls but I just can't get over this one. She meant ALot to me. I kept talking to her after the break up. Asking her if we could hang out even as friends. But when ever I asked. She'd say she was busy, or doing other things. I got to a point were it just p***** me off. Like how can you possibly that busy? She somehow made time for the rest of her friends but not for me. So i just stopped talking to her. I still miss her from time to time. What should I do any ideas. Atm I feel like life's a bit entry with out her. I'm 17 and a virgin. Kik me if you wanna talk MrDreams123


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  • Your really good at flirting? Lol. Said the virgin. Let me break it to you playa. She is bot that jnto you. If a girl really likes you. Especially at that age she will do anythjng to see you. Quit luing to yourself.

  • Good luck mate.

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